Photo Credit: Flash 90
Senator Lindsey Graham and White House envoy Jason Greenblatt in eastern Jerusalem, June 30, 2019.

US mediator Jason Greenblatt arrived Thursday in Israel to discuss the Trump Administration’s Middle East peace plan with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz.

Although Greenblatt said he expected to meet with both men on Friday, it was not entirely clear whether the spokesperson for Gantz had confirmed his participation in the meeting.


Netanyahu’s office confirmed he would be meeting with Greenblatt.

It is also not yet clear when the plan will be rolled out, given the current situation with the elections. President Donald Trump had given mixed signals about the release of the plan, ultimately saying it would be rolled out following Israeli elections but not giving a specific date.

Speaking with the Hamodia publication in an interview published this past Wednesday, Greenblatt was equally cagey. “It’s too soon to tell,” he said. “How will the election affect the plan? Our plan is different than what people have been talking about for so many years.”

He also said the timeline for his own departure isn’t entirely clear; having announced via the White House his resignation after the release of the plan, Greenblatt said at a New York City event that he would likely remain until after the plan’s roll out, and possibly after.