Photo Credit: Lee Zeldin’s Facebook
Congressman Lee Zeldin with friends, September 21, 2022.

Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York this week joined the Republican Jewish Coalition, having lost his bid to become Governor of the state on November 8.

Zeldin and Joshua Katzen of Massachusetts, Gabriel Groisman of Florida, and Larry Levine of Texas were elected to the RJC Board of Directors.


RJC National Chairman Norm Coleman said: “It is a pleasure to welcome our newest board members, each of whom is an accomplished, dedicated American patriot, and a strong defender of the US Jewish community and Israel. On behalf of our entire Board, I look forward to working with these new Board members as we grow and enhance our capabilities leading into the 2024 elections.”

Katzen, the co-founder and publisher of the Jewish News Syndicate, has been a life-long advocate for Israel and a strong US-Israel relationship, as well as a fighter against antisemitism and media bias.

Groisman, the mayor of Bal Harbour, Florida, is also a fighter against antisemitism, as well as BDS.

Levine, a resident of Houston, Texas, has been an RJC leader for close to 25 years.

On November 19, Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu spoke via a video link to the RJC’s annual convention in Las Vegas, and stressed that his occasional disagreements with the Democratic White House are “all in the family.”

Former President Donald Trump also spoke at the same event and suggested that he would have brokered additional peace agreements between Israel and “maybe all of the remaining Arab countries” had he remained in office.

He probably would have.

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