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Kfar Saba

According to data released Sunday morning by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), a third of Israelis ages 20 and up reside in the cities where they were born. But as many as 63% of Jerusalem residents have lived there since they were born.

24% of Israelis ages 20 and over have lived in their locality of residence for 10 years or less.


83% intend to continue living in their locality over the next five years, 11% do not intend to continue living there.

84% are generally satisfied with their area of ​​residence.

Of the cities with 100,000 residents and more, the most satisfied residents live in Kfar Saba (96%) and Tel Aviv-Jaffa (91%).

58% are satisfied with the amount of green space, public parks and parks in the area where they live. The leading cities in green spaces are Kfar Saba (84%) and Ramat Gan (77%). Lowest percentages were found in Jerusalem (37%).

56% are satisfied with the cleanliness of their area of ​​residence. The leading cities in the satisfaction regarding cleanliness are Kfar Saba (77%) and Rishon Lezion (65%). In Jerusalem, only 37% are satisfied with cleanliness (46% of Jews and 21% of Arabs).

38% are satisfied with public transportation in their area of ​​residence. The leading cities in public transpiration are Bat Yam (56%), Beer Sheva (54%), Bnei Brak and Haifa (53% each).

Most of the employed (61%) come to work most days of the week in private vehicles, including station wagons and motorcycles; Only 16% arrive on a public buses or use taxi service.