Russia, Syria Hold Joint Aerial Patrols of Borders, Including Golan Heights Border

Russia maintains a military air base along Syria's Mediterranean coast in addition to those housing its ground forces.

Iran’s Stealth Drone that Penetrated Israel’s Border a Gift from the Obama Administration

The Israeli Air Force on Saturday launched an attack on the Syrian Air Force's Tiyas Military Airbase, a.k.a. T-4 Airbase, west of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmor), destroying the main observation tower, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Syria to Hold Presidential Elections

Bashar Assad will be running for president of Syria again...

IDF Forces Shoot at Terror Suspects on Syrian Border, 1 Captured

One of the suspects was injured and was taken to a hospital for medical treatment by helicopter.

Iran Claims Syrian Forces Seized Israeli Missiles from Rebels

Iran’s government-controlled Fars News Agency reported on Sunday that Syrian forces seized “Israeli-made missiles, machine guns, rifles and communication devices” in clashes with rebels...

Syrians on the Fence: IDF Tracks Armed Syrian Soldiers Approaching on Mount Hermon

The IDF soldiers tracked the armed Syrian soldiers as they approached the border without prior coordination with the UN.

EU Members Suspend Arms Sales to Turkey After Air Strike Kills Journalists in...

One journalist was killed immediately in the strike. Three were injured, including one who died the next day. A total of 15 civilians died.

Syrian State Media Reports Air Strikes Aimed at Homs, Israel Air Force Blamed

Multiple sources blamed the Israeli Air Force for the strikes, and several claimed that missiles launched from the direction of northern Lebanon were targeting the Shayrat Air Base.

Hezbollah Runs Away as Jabhat al-Nusra Captures Another Syrian City

The Nusra front now controls all the cities in the province, which shares a border with Turkey.

Three Syrian Soldiers Killed in Friday Night Missile Strike

Syrians claim surface-to-surface missiles were launched at Syrian targets from the Golan Heights.

Japanese PM Says Tokyo ‘Will Never Give In to Terror’

Japan's prime minister says his nation will do its utmost to free two ISIS captives, but "will not give in to terror."

BREAKING NEWS: 1 Israeli Child Dead, 2 Injured in Syrian Attack

An apparent deliberate attack from Syria on the Golan Heights has killed 1 Israeli child and injured 2 adults.

Israeli Druze: Help Our Brothers in Syria

Druze Israelis beg the government to accept Syrian refugees.

Syria Urges Russia to Attack All Rebel Forces

The Syrian ambassador to Russia said Wednesday he hopes that the Russian Armed Forces will attack all the terrorist organizations present in Syria, including...

Arab League Won’t Give US Air Cover for Strike on Syria

The Arab League, split on whether to back U.S. intervention in Syria, has categorically denied reports that its member states will give the United...

Trump: With the Billions We Give Them, Israel Can Manage the Syria Withdrawal

Here's the troublesome point: Israel has not complained about the American withdrawal from Syria, not publicly, anyway.

Saudi Princes Arrested in Purge, Missile Intercepted Over Riyadh

Within hours of the dismissals, the Saudi military intercepted a ballistic missile over Riyadh.

US Cancels Drone Contract With Turkey

The US canceled a 10 Predator Drone deal with Turkey. Speculation centers on Turkey's increasing relations with Iran.

Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah Rules Out War With Israel, For Now

Hezbollah terror chief Hassan Nasrallah has no plans for a war with Israel in the near future, he says.

Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, Lonely in the World, Re-Embrace

Terrorists, like Mafia kingpins, are allies until one of them thinks he can rule the world. When they trip up over their own arrogance, they run back into each other’s self-destructive clutches.

‘Prisoner X’ Zygier Ruined Mission to Return Bodies of 3 Soldiers

The heinous crime that put “Prisoner X” Ben Zygier in an Israel jail where he killed himself was not known until today: He butchered a secret Mossad operation to bring home the remains of 3 soldiers.

Patriot Launched at Aircraft Infiltrating from Syria

The missile was launched by the air defense system of the Israel Air Force, after its sophisticated radar systems had identified a suspicious penetration by an unknown aircraft.

Twitter Suspended 360K Terror-Related Accounts Since Mid-2015

Twitter has shut down hundreds of thousands of terror-related accounts in just 12 months, most linked to ISIS.

Worse for Wear in Syria, Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Sets Sights on ‘Liberating Al-Aqsa’

Following heavy losses, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah found comfort on Sunday in the Arab-created carnage that had erupted in Israel this month.

IAF Strikes Against Iran in Syria Were 3-Pronged Message to Iran, Syria and US,...

Israel let Biden know there's more than just the nuclear front to deal with with Iran, and let Iran know that Israel won't accept Iran in Syria, even during the Biden administration.

Syria: Israel Attacked Air Base Near Damascus

SANA suggested the attack used the new F-35 attack planes Israel has just received from the US.

Explosion on Israel’s Golan Heights Border

Security personnel went north to check into an explosion on the border with Syria in the Golan Heights.

Netanyahu to Visit Putin Thursday, following Phone Conversation on Military Cooperation

Both sides have recently been working on concretizing the understandings reached regarding foreign military presence in Syria.

Kremlin Warns News of US, Russia, Israel Summit on Syria Mostly Fake

"I want to call on everyone to be very careful about filtering fake news, which will certainly be plentiful in the media."


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