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Abbas sits behind "Palestine" sign at the United Nations.

Right, Israel refused to do so. And therefore, when the Hamas terrorist authority sends a letter under the name of the “State of Palestine,” Israel is “exerting pressure” by not accepting the title, and all this at the expense of those poor people suffering in Gaza’s hospitals whose electricity often is cut off because Ramallah does not pay for fuel for electricity in Gaza and because Egypt sometimes shuts off the juice.

Reuters is not much better.


It quoted Palestinian Authority officials as expressing surprise over Israel’s objections to accepting the “State of Palestine” document for the same reason that Abukhater stated. “The United Nations upgraded the Palestinian Authority’s status to that of a nonmember observer ‘state’ rather than ‘entity.’”

Nobody pointed out that the United Nations did not admit the Palestinian Authority as a full member because that designation requires its being declared an independent state.

But for the pro-Arab media establishment, a resolution is good enough and who needs such minor details as the laws of the United Nations?

Palestinian Authority officials also “express surprise” at Israel’s refusal to accept the Gaza “State of Palestine” document because, according to Reuters, “The phrase had been used on official documents since late 2012.”

Perhaps true, but that is exactly the point. Once it is accepted, then the whole world can say, “See you recognize the Palestinian Authority as a state, so go back to your ghettos in Tel Aviv, for the time being.”

Accepting the “State of Palestine from Hamas would be suicide, literally.

By the way, for those crying that Israel is punishing sick people in Gaza because of politics, Israel has treated thousands of them in its own hospitals for years.

Reuters did not report that fact. Instead, it told is readers around the world, “The Palestinian Center for Human Rights expressed concern for the health of patients who are denied the right to get treatment in specialized hospitals outside the Gaza Strip. It called the Israeli measure ‘a blatant violation of international humanitarian law’ and ‘a cruel punishment.’”

The 1993 Oslo Accords recognized the “Palestinian Authority.”

No agreement has been made to change that. No resolution in the United Nations changes that.

But the media establishment, with its Palestinian journalists reporting on Israel, is trying to change it.

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