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The shooter was caught on camera by Channel 14 wearing the ‘Brothers in Arms’ T-shirt.

During a clash between a group of right-wing protesters and residents of kibbutz Hatzerim in the Negev, the kibbutz security officer who is a member of the crypto-fascist militia Brothers in Arms fired his weapon in the air.

Incidentally, according to Channel 14, the shooter also serves in the Border Police.


The protesters, residents of nearby Beer Sheva, attempted to block the kibbutz entrance, in retaliation for leftist protesters who have been blocking numerous major traffic arteries around the country for more than six months. The kibbutz security officer arrived at the epicenter of the demonstration, and after some raunchy exchanges drew and aimed his weapon at the protesters, and finally also fired into the air.

One of the protesters is heard on the tape warning the security officer: “They’ll take away your weapon today,” which didn’t calm him down. And so, when police finally showed up, the first thing they did was grab the weapon. They then detained seven suspects and took them to be interrogated. After the interrogation, the police decided to keep the security officer and four others to be arraigned by a magistrate judge in the morning. The security officer was subsequently released to house arrest.

The two remaining detainees were released under restrictions.

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