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Dani Dayan (with map of YESHA in background)

Prime Minister Netanyahu has decided that should Brazil reject Dani Dayan’s appointment as Israel’s ambassador, the position would remain unfilled, Udi Segal, diplomatic correspondent for Channel 2 News tweeted Wednesday night. This would effectively downgrade the relationship between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Impeachment procedures against Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff are under way, and according to media sources, with each passing week, more and more people are becoming convinced that the president has completely lost the ability and judgment needed to overcome the obstacles that hamper her administration — political and economic. Opinions polls show 65% of Brazilians support impeachment, and 62% would prefer the president resign.


Rousseff is accused of illegally increasing public spending without Congressional approval; failing to report the enormous public debt; illegally borrowing from state-owned banks; and postponing constitutionally mandated financial transfers to states and municipalities. The legal remedy for such misdeeds in Brazil is impeachment.

This could mean that Netanyahu’s gamble is not so outlandish. Instead of giving in to Rousseff — who was swayed against the appointment by Israel’s left, including three former ambassadors, 13 Arab MKs and one Tzipi Livni — Netanyahu only has to bide his time until after the Carnival, when the summer vacation in Brazil will be over and political life will resume. Even if Rousseff does not lose her job, she would be weaker in a couple of months, and possibly more open for a deal.

Also, by honoring his commitment to former Yosh Counsil Chairman Dani Dayan, Netanyahu secures at least four Knesset seats he would risk losing by cowering before the Brazilians.

According to the Financial Times, during Rousseff’s administration, Brazilians have seen the promise of a fair and prosperous nation postponed once again, due to the president’s utter inability to manage the country. Unemployment and inflation are on the rise, economic growth first stalled and then contracted (analysts now talk of a depression) and corruption scandals have proliferated, involving high-ranking officials.

Brazil’s trade with Israel is in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually, with Israeli companies providing much of Brazil’s needs in military and police products (including a $350 million drone deal with Brazilian police).



  1. dani will feel right at home living in the middle of this middle eastern offshoot: brazil represents the largest waste of public money in the world in absolute terms – thru corruption and inefficiency ofcourse. 65,000 are murdered each year in brazil. 50,000 die on the roads. hospitals in rio lack the basic supplies. the country is racked by dengue, chikungunya and zika virus, with health officials in some regions simply advising mothers not to have babies in order to avoid a wave of microcefalia.

    the country has the two largest aquifers in the world, yet sao paulo just passed months with seriously dangerous levels of drought and water restriction.
    the presidents rating is around 9% due to the largest corrupotion scandal in the history of the world. no jokes. and most of the population will tell you that EVERY brazilian politician, whether in government or in the opposition, is a part of the problem for what is probably the wealthiest country in the world in terms of natural resources and potential. EVERYBODY HERE KNOWS THAT CORRUPTION IS FOUND AT EVERY LEVEL AND IN EVERY REGION of this country of 200m. one of the largest economies in the world yet with no nobel prizes.
    schools are like factories, focusing entirely from the earliest levels at rote learning and exams. tertiary education is mainly seen as a ticket to earning financial stability rather than as an opening to new horizons.

    brazil is ofcourse the largest country of settlement and slavery in the recent history of the world, receiving 4x the slaves as the US. and still not having sorted out the Indian problem, with wide sections of the population flatly regarding Indians as a plague and having no value whatsoever.
    the economy right now is in freefall – the longest recession of the century and one of the deepest. c'mon I'm only getting started…

    the home internet provider GVT was founded by israelis and is the market leader by a mile in terms of quality and reputation. the israeli ex CEO is now CEO of the largest telecoms company in brazil. brazil is about to host the olympics with an israeli company doing all the security.

    i dont believe you have to move on their bluff. they will not respond to normal moral logic and ofcourse will never respect any compromise. think of them as half-middle eastern (thru the 700 year long arabian political influence in the iberian peninsula pre-discovery; their vice president is lebanese etc). you have to get them where it matters – at the purse strings and the strings of power.

    oh and the leftists must understand that to the world, tel aviv is the biggest settlement of all.

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