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Rabbi Leo Dee and family members meets with patients who received organ donations from his wife Lucy who had been killed with her two daughters by terrorists.

Rabbi Leo Dee, who tragically lost his wife Lucy and daughters Rina and Maia four months ago, sent us the following comments on the murder of Batsheva Nigiri HY’D last Monday (Mother of 3, Batsheva Nigri HY’D Murdered by Arab Terrorists Near Beit Hagai):

I am devastated by the cold-blooded murder of Batsheva Nigri this week. She was the kindergarten teacher of the kids of some of my close friends in Efrat and, according to everyone who knew her, a giving lady with a wonderful heart.


The murder was carried out by Fatah, the army of the Palestinian Authority. The PA is the funder of 70% of terror attacks that go on in Judea and Samaria, including the attack that killed my wife and two daughters four months ago.

World governments are funding the PA to the tune of $1.2 billion per year — the same PA that educates children to murder Jews through textbooks and terror training summer camps, the same PA that pays more than $300 million annually to families of terrorists to encourage the next round of attacks.

Additionally, the Israeli army protects the PA from its own people, whom it abuses, because Israeli leaders (of both coalition and opposition) claim this leads to “stability and security”.

Well, I have a message to all our politicians: backing the PA is backing the wrong horse. It no more leads to security and stability than backing Iran and other Arab countries to develop nuclear weapons, the current US Administration’s apparent “stabilizing” policy for the Middle East.

When my family tragedy occurred, I stated, “I love the Palestinians and I hate the terrorists.” People told me this was an innovation. Usually, they told me, the victims hate all Palestinians, or a small percentage can be seen hugging the mother of their killers, but rarely does one differentiate between Arab and Arab.

This naive policy of painting all Palestinians with one brush has led to Israel and the world backing a hateful terrorist regime, the PA, which terrorizes its own people and us, under the misapprehension that the “tough” Palestinians can control the weaker ones. But the weaker ones are our friends.

In a Palestinian economy where more than 200,000 Palestinians come into Israeli towns every day and earn more than 70 percent of the PA’s GDP, these decent, good, hard-working Palestinians should be running their country, not the bunch of terrorists that constitute the PA and Fatah. It is possible, and it could be done within days if the funding and protection for the PA and Fatah were withdrawn immediately.

When will Israel and the world see that they are the authors of our own nightmare and stop backing the terrorists who are killing our best citizens day in and day out? This lunacy has to stop, and it has to stop now.


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