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Security check at Ben Gurion International.

Nerdeen Kiswani is a “Palestinian American” CUNY student who is on vacation in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. We know because Kiswani has uploaded tons of pictures from her visit, including one post from “Haifa, Palestine,” and another where she shares in Arabic: “I’m Palestinian and I’m proud of it, and whoever doesn’t like it, should go and commit suicide.”

And we thought it was the “Palestinians” who committed most of the suicides…


Kiswani is one of a growing number of Americans with dual citizenship whose other passport was issued by the PA. They are taking advantage of a six-week trial period that began on July 20, during which Israel has to demonstrate that it is admitting all Americans, and treating them the same way, regardless of their last names and how many individuals who had exactly that name have been involved in murdering Jews in the name of Islam, freedom, or resistance. Israeli officials at Ben Gurion International Airport, as well as at the other international crossings, from Jordan and the Gaza Strip, must be nice to entering PA Arabs with US citizenship, or Israeli citizens would be barred from the US Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

The results of the trial will be announced on September 30th or earlier. And to determine how well Israel is complying with the terms of the waiver, according to Reuters, a team of American observers are in Israel to “discreetly” observe and report the treatment of “Palestinian American” at the country’s border crossings.

According to Reuters, American PA Arabs are reporting a big change in the way Israeli security officials are treating them at the border crossings.

Kiswani, who was refused entry into Israel in 2015, now told Reuters that “it was not entirely smooth sailing … I was made to wait nearly four hours and I reached out to the US Embassy before being allowed in.” However, she reported that most of her family “received their visas and passports back almost immediately.”

Could something about Nerdeen Kiswani make Israeli security officials nervous? Why was she barred in 2015? Reuters doesn’t say.

According to Reuters, the US spying delegation visited Israel’s immigration office on Sunday, Ben Gurion Airport on Monday, and the checkpoints on the PA’s border on Tuesday.

The US is obligated to warn Israel about the planned entry of terrorists and criminals, but Israel’s tough, no-nonsense security officials warn of the glaring loopholes such a turnstile is inviting. And the US demands that Israel exempt from security checks “Palestinian Americans” with a VIP card issued by the Palestinian Authority. The Americans initially estimated there were 5,000 such VIPs, but a thorough examination revealed that there are at least 20,000 VIP “Palestinians” that Ramallah vouches for. The Netanyahu government will have a hard time explaining this to its voters, some of whom might be fired on by those VIPs, God forbid.

A source that has been involved in the visa waiver negotiations from the start told Haaretz earlier this summer that “the Biden administration has been consistent in its demands from Israel throughout. There were political parties in Israel who tried to minimize or obscure the demand for reciprocity, but it is a significant demand, without which it will not be possible to complete the process. The meaning of reciprocity is equal and fair treatment for American citizens entering Israel, without any discrimination, as Israel expects its citizens to be treated.”

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