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This article was sent to us by Wendy’s grandmother who lives in Lakewood. Wendy herself lives in a more secular neighborhood.

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At Bubbie’s house everything is different. It’s like you have stepped into a parallel universe. When you first turn on to her street, you can already feel the difference.  And as you turn into her driveway the excitement grows. Then the doors fling open and three ecstatic children jump out of the gray mini van. As Bubbie comes to the door, we all run inside the house. And everyone, no matter how upset or stressed, feels happy. And faces glow with smiles.

At Bubbie’s house everything is different. This includes the people. Everyone is kind to one another. Even if you don’t know the person and he looks upset or scared, you and others help him. People there run their lives around being nice and kind to others and the environment. You know bullying is a really big problem in our school and the entire state. Well, they don’t have that. They don’t have one bully in their entire town and believe me when I say they will never have one.

At Bubbie’s house there is one place where everybody goes; bigger kids take their younger siblings there.  If you are ever bored you can always find an activity at Canterbury Park. There is a playground that has been there forever.  Its yellow paint is peeling and the hang part on the hang glider is broken.  But no one seems to care; it’s just fun.  You will always find girls’ skirts flying and boys’ yarmulkes barely staying on their heads.  But who could blame them? They are having too much fun to fix their clothing.

At Bubbie’s house even the food tastes different. The warm breadcrumb chicken is like a warm sunny day in the middle of winter. And even the sweet potatoes and pickles taste better. At Bubbie’s house even the simplest of chicken soups tastes like it was made by a gourmet chef. When you walk into Bubbie’s house the first thought you have is to think, “What is that delicious smell?”

At Bubbie’s house there are many distinguishing things that make me think of her.  But there is one special thing. It starts when you walk in the door. This wonderful smell takes over your nose and all your clothes. It’s impossible to describe. And believe me I have tried. Though she might not realize it, the rest of us do. And everything smells of an invisible substance. The air even smells different. It’s weird but wonderful.

At Bubbie’s house the house doesn’t just look comfortable, it feels comfortable. The couch’s beige floral pattern is my mother says, “pleasing to the eye.” And the kitchen’s yellowish beige sponge pattern makes the kitchen feel more like my own little mini kitchen. It goes perfectly with the wondrous smell coming from the oven.

At Bubbie’s house there is one room that is my favorite.  And that is the guest room or “my room” because I am the only one who stays there.  I love the pink and purple quilt on the old soft bed.  And the closet filled with pots and pans, gadgets and gizmos.  When I am there curled up on that old soft bed with the pink and purple quilt I feel safe. I feel like all the noise, screaming, and yelling outside that door isn’t there.  Like I have an invisible force field protecting me.

At Bubbie’s house there are paths in the grass from kids running back and forth from house to house.

At Bubbie’s house there are always things to do.

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