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Lapid: The UN has Lost Its Mind

29 Sivan 5775 – June 15, 2015
Lapid accuses ‘obsessed’ UN of assuming Jewish guilt.

“Iran Satellite Linked to ICBMs with Nukes’ – Fox News

24 Sivan 5775 – June 11, 2015
Capability to attack with a nuclear weapon imam even be important than being able to produce a nuke.

Horrific Anti-Semitic Display in Amsterdam’s ‘Dam Square’ [video]

22 Sivan 5775 – June 9, 2015
A horrific display of anti-Semitic images, including one featuring Israel's prime minister, was exhibited by anti-Israel protesters this weekend in Amsterdam.

UN Equates Israel With Hamas, Both Off UN Blacklist

UN Secy-Gen Ban Ki-moon equates Israel with Hamas, strikes both from blacklist of those who violate children's rights in conflict.

Netanyahu Asks Why UN Does not Condemn Rocket Attacks on Israel

20 Sivan 5775 – June 7, 2015
Doesn’t Netanyahu understand that the UN opens its mouth if an Israeli home is rocketed and then warns the IDF not to "escalate tensions"?

UN Soldiers Illegally Occupy Handicapped Parking Spots in Katzrin

18 Sivan 5775 – June 5, 2015
UN soldiers stationed in Katzrin don't care what laws they break or who they inconvenience.

Rivlin: No Help in Rebuilding Gaza Until IDF Soldiers’ Bodies Returned

17 Sivan 5775 – June 3, 2015
Pres. Reuven Rivlin tells a UN envoy Israel won't help rebuild Gaza until Hamas returns the bodies of fallen IDF soldiers Lt. Hadar Goldin and St. Sgt. Oren Shaul.

Despite “Freeze”, Iran Nuke Stockpile Mysteriously Growing

16 Sivan 5775 – June 2, 2015
Iran has not kept its end of the deal with US-led world powers, and has grown its nuclear fuel stockpile during talks.

UN Validates Terror as Committee Grants NGO Status to Hamas-Linked Group

Israel is fuming as the UN again validates terrorism with an official committee vote to grant a Hamas-linked group "NGO" status.

US Claims ‘No More Extensions’ for Iran Nuclear Talks

10 Sivan 5775 – May 27, 2015
The US decides "no more extensions" as international nuclear talks with Iran come down to the wire.

Russia to Deliver S-300 Missile System to Iran… Eventually

Russia closed its deal Monday to deliver the powerful S-300 missile defense system to Iran... eventually.

New UN Middle East Envoy Comes Up with ‘New’ Idea – Freeze Settlements

3 Sivan 5775 – May 21, 2015
World Bank also comes up with a brainstorm: Give more money to Hamas to "rehabilitate" Gaza, or is it vice-versa?

Iran Continues Making Fools of Western Negotiators, West Continues Being Fools

26 Iyyar 5775 – May 15, 2015
Iran caught red-handed trying to purchase equipment to pursue nuclear weaponization.

UN Watch Condemns Saudi Bid to Head UN Human Rights Council

25 Iyyar 5775 – May 13, 2015
UN Watch: 'Electing Saudi Arabia as chair of UN Human Rights groups is like maying a pyromaniac the town fire chief.'

Vatican Officially Recognizes PA as New Arab Country

The Vatican officially recognized the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday as a new Arab country

Report: Lebanese Villages are Hezbollah Military Bases, Human Shields

24 Iyyar 5775 – May 12, 2015
NY Times reports IDF evidence Lebanese villages are Hezbollah military bases with human shields.

UN Castigates Saudis for Bombing Houthis and Their Human Shields After 24-Hour Warning

Iran's clients and proxies use schools and hospitals to launch their attacks. The UN criticizes the other side for fighting back.

Former UK Cmdr.: UN, Foreign Governments ‘Deliberately’ Twisting Laws of Armed Conflict on Israel

17 Iyyar 5775 – May 6, 2015
Shurat HaDin, an Israeli NGO specializing in International Law, opened a two-day conference in Jerusalem, Monday, "Towards a New Law of War,” which dealt with the rules of armed conflict, their interpretation and application.

US Senate May Vote Thursday on Nuclear Review Bill

17 Iyyar 5775 – May 5, 2015
The Senate hopes to vote on a nuclear review bill by Thursday, as talks resume next week on a deal between Tehran and world powers.

UN Ambassador Prosor Holds Syria Responsible for Hezbollah Attack

10 Iyyar 5775 – April 29, 2015
Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor called the Assad regime responsible for the Hezbollah attack on the Golan Heights Sunday nights, when the...

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