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I Witnessed a Miracle Last Night [video]

25 Iyyar 5776 – June 2, 2016
My family was at the Western Wall in Jerusalem along with tens of thousands of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends...

Mazal Tov on Baby Son to Parents of Girls Killed in Rat Poison...

14 Tevet 5775 – January 5, 2015
The two brothers who survived the family catastrophe now have a baby brother.

Jewish Men: Watch Out Smashing the Glass Under the Chuppah!

12 Iyyar 5774 – May 12, 2014
Jewish males alert: A bridegroom actually gashed his foot while smashing the glass under the chuppah during his wedding in Tel Aviv.

Peres Sends ‘Mazal Tov” to Kate and William

16 Av 5773 – July 23, 2013
President Peres sent a special message of congratulations on Tuesday in honor of the birth of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's new...

‘Personally Unique’

13 Elul 5772 – August 30, 2012
Phil and Mike were part of a team of construction workers building a skyscraper in the middle of the city. When it was time for their lunch break they sat down together with their feet dangling twelve stories from the ground. Phil opened his lunch box and peered in, “Peanut butter and jelly?! Again peanut butter and jelly! I have had enough! If I get peanut butter and jelly again tomorrow, so help me I’m going to jump right off this structure.” Mike then opened his lunch box and peered in, “Tuna fish?! Again Tuna fish! I can’t take it anymore. If I have tuna fish for lunch one more time I’m going to jump off with you.”

Carriers Of The Talmudic Torch

12 Elul 5772 – August 29, 2012
Earlier this month the London Games were all the rage. Tens of thousands descended upon Great Britain’s crown jewel to witness the Olympics and cheer for their respective countrymen.

Will Your Children Sign a Halachic Prenuptial Agreement?

12 Tammuz 5772 – July 1, 2012
When I recently wished a friend “Mazal Tov” on his daughter’s engagement, I broached the issue of prenuptial agreements in accordance with Jewish law. My friend, a rosh yeshiva, turned to me and said, “Of course they’re signing one. People who don’t sign halachic prenuptial agreements are stupid.”

Mazal Tov, Mama Rhino!

28 Sivan 5772 – June 18, 2012
After an 18 month pregnancy, Tendra the rhinoceros gave birth to a healthy calf at the Ramat-Gan Safari on Friday, June 15. This was the...

Mazal Tov, Rabbi Mattisyahu Kos

29 Adar 5766 – March 29, 2006
Chag Hasmicha is a celebration honoring newly ordained rabbis.

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