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Pittsburgh Jewish Fed. Head Jeffrey Finkelstein to Carry Diaspora Torch on 71st Israeli Independence...

“Jeffrey Finkelstein will light the torch in honor of the shared fate and mission between Israel and Diaspora Jewish communities."

Indian Intelligence: Sri Lanka Attack Carried Out by ISIS

Scores of Sri Lankan ISIS terrorists have returned from Syria in 2016.

3.1-Magnitude Quake Shakes Lebanon Along Syrian Border

The epicenter of the quake was located less than 30 miles north of the Israeli community of Kiryat Shemona and even closer to Metullah.

US Offers $10M for Info to Disrupt Hezbollah Financing

The money will be paid in connection with the State Department’s ‘Reward for Justice’ program.

Spider Man PS4 Characters are Shomer Shabbat

For those who play the game on Saturdays, on that day there are no Orthodox Jewish characters to be seen.

8 Dead in Philippines Earthquake

Manila is home to more than 12 million people; the city has experienced 16 earthquakes in the past year.

Nasrallah: War With Israel in the Summer? Moi?

“I may not remain among you for very long," Nasrallah said, "It is possible that the entire first echelon of leadership could be killed, including myself.”

Bristol’s Students Union Anti-Racism Officer Tells Jewish Student: ‘Be Like Israel and Cease to...

"For people thinking this isn't a big deal: imagine if he had said to a Muslim student 'Be like Palestine and cease to exist.'"

Academic & Social Skills Insights #33

Many doctors and psychologists describe this anger as an integral part of growing up.

US Announces End to Sanction Waivers on Iranian Oil Imports

“We will continue to apply maximum pressure on the Iranian regime until its leaders change their destructive behavior."

Rabbi Francis Nataf on Sefirat HaOmer Hegel, History and Rebbe Akiva

In this Video you will find out about the complex nature of the time between Passover and Shavuot. It is harvest time and a very happy time and yet because of the death of 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva it is now a time of semi-mourning.

Passover Snow Falls on Mount Hermon for First Time in 22 Years

With eight inches already on the ground and snow expected to continue to fall throughout the day, the Hermon ski-resort management closed the site to visitors, on Sunday

Birkat Kohanim

Birkat Kohanim at the Kotel, April 22, 2019.

How To Make A Scavenger Hunt

It is fun for the whole family, and best of all, can be done anytime and anywhere.

Bar Refaeli Loses DiCaprio Defense, Will Pay Taxes on Tens of Millions

Judge Bornstein questioned why Leonardo DiCaprio had not been brought to testify

Did the NY Times Just Pick the Perfect Metaphor for the Barriers Against Peace?

The "deal of the century" will compensate local Arabs with billions of dollars in investments in their economic and civic well-being, for the fact that they will remain an autonomous canton, but not a state.

1941 Picture Shows Pruchnik Was Burning Jews in Effigy Long Before WJC’s Latest Protest

It's safe to say that many Jews are relieved that the good folks of Pruchnik restricted themselves to an effigy and did not go after actual Jews.

Likud MK Supports Judge Melcer’s Call to Investigate False Poll Results in Arab Villages

"Around 7 PM, when we had about 40% of the voters, one committee member came up to me and suggested they double the money I receive for this day, and in return I would allow them to share the votes of those who hadn't voted."

Between Bibi and Bismarck: the Art of Politics and Victory

“Politics is the art of the possible” Bismarck used to say. 150 years later, the image of Israel today as a major power, seems to be a direct consequence of a similar policy of its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

19 Ways you Know it’s Passover in Israel

If you've never heard an Arab calling out “alter zachen” (“old things”) in Yiddish, then you've never experienced pre-Passover preparations in Jerusalem. It's part of the clean-up mania that grips the city in the run-up to the holiday.

UNDOF Commander Passes Away Unexpectedly in Israel

"His hard work and unwavering commitment to regional stability were truly appreciated. He will be sorely missed.”

‘No. 2’ Hossein Salami Promoted to Head Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

It’s not clear why Khamenei made the change, and no reason was given for the new appointment.


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