I’ve been reading about the airstrikes in Sudan. I first read about it as part of a threat from Khartoum, that they reserve the right to strike Israel back. It was, according to the Sudanese, a foregone conclusion that Israel was responsible. My first reaction was a snicker that combined two thoughts simultaneously, “yeah, like they can reach us” and “sheesh, something explodes and they blame us.”

I stand by the first response, but retract the second one. The more I read, the more I think it could have been us – that it should have been. There were in fact two attacks – one previously that wiped out a convoy of vehicles loaded with arms for Gaza; and then last week, an arms manufacturing plant owned by Iran.


I find it rather ironic that here the Sudanese are, allowing weapons for terrorists in Gaza and Iran to be manufactured on their land, and they have the nerve to complain when the target of those weapons preemptively strikes and obliterates the factories.

One of the things I love about Elie (whose name will apparently soon be changing to Eli if I can remember to type it that way according to the preferences of the amazingly wonderful young couple…and what is wrong with Elie?…well, never mind…) – so one of the things I love about Elie is his ability to analyze, to keep up to date and digest the information he accumulates. In this case, it is part analysis and part reading the news.

One of the papers Elie read over the weekend showed two maps – a map marking the distance from Israel to Khartoum, and a map showing the distance from Israel to Iran. Significantly, the distance to Khartoum is quite a bit further and so, in this airstrike, Israel is sending another message to Iran.

Oh yes, we can hit you – and we will, if you don’t stop. We do not want war. We really truly just want to raise our children and our grandchildren in our land – and oh yes, it is our land. We were ready to share it in 1948 but you Arabs refused it. You turned down the offer of half the land in favor of war and to this day, you haven’t understood that you caused the “Middle East conflict” – not us.

Every turn of the earth bears testimony to our history in this land and promises our future. By whatever reckoning you make – history, might, right – this land is ours. It is you who came later, you who have gone to war repeatedly to take it from us instead of choosing to live here in peace.

You can choose peace and life; you can choose war and death. Whatever you choose, we have no choice but to accept your actions and deal with them. This is the lesson for Iran and the lesson for Gaza.

Last week, dozens and dozens of rockets were fired at Israel; people were badly injured, maimed by your violence. Last night more rockets, this morning four GRAD missiles were fired at Beersheva – a beautiful, quiet city in the middle of the Negev desert – where schools are canceled today because we are not willing to risk the lives of our children.

You can choose peace and life – or you will get war and death. That is the lesson Israel delivered last week in Sudan. We can reach you in Gaza; we can reach you in Sudan. We can reach you wherever you are, if the  promises you make are threats against us.

And one more thing – our patience is wearing thin. The rockets will be stopped. Four years ago, when I picked Elie up from the edges of Gaza after he’d fought in the Gaza War, he told me, “Ima, they stopped us too soon.” They stopped because Barack Obama had been elected and was coming into office in two days and Israel was feeling the pressure; knowing Obama wanted the focus on him and not a war in the Middle East.

I can only hope four years later, we are smarter. Smarter about Obama, smarter about Gaza, smarter about the Iranians. A lesson for us; a lesson for them.

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Paula R. Stern is the co-founder of Retraining4Israel (www.retraining4israel.com), a new organization working to help olim make aliyah successful. Paula made aliyah over 25 years ago with her husband and their three children. She lives in Maale Adumim and is often referred to as “A Soldier’s Mother”. She is now a happy wife, mother of five (including two sabras), and grandmother, happily sharing her voice and opinions with others. She is also a senior tech writer and lead training instructor at WritePoint Ltd. (www.writepoint.com).


  1. While I'm not convinced that this explosion wasn't an accident (bad safety record), the first thing I did upon hearing about this was to check a map. So it's clearly within range of an Israel strike. So it could be a warning to Iran. IMHO, the Iranians are trying to provoke an Israeli/USA attack. It would unify the Iranian people as nothing else could. Unfortunately I see no alternative than an air strike. And it's not as if Iran was a nation at peace with Israel or the USA.

  2. Great article….I wish we could all get along.

    A few years ago, I was reminded of something I read about maybe 12 years ago – Betrayal Behind Israeli Attack On the USS Liberty.

    From what I have learned over the last few years, I can only hope the people involved on the attack on the USS Liberty do the right thing and answer for what they did to those innocent sailors.
    Also, I can only pray Americans are NOT forced into a war with IRAN for the same stupid reasons as the Attack On USS Liberty…by the way – 2 American jets from an American aircraft carrier, not too far from the Liberty that day, took off with NUCLEAR WEAPONS heading for Egypt….for some unknown reason, these pilots we ordered to defend this unprovoked attack on the Liberty.
    The Americans at the time thought their unarmed surveillance ship, the Liberty – was attacked not by their good friends from Israel – but the same people who were targets of Israeli bombs that day so long ago.
    I am sure many people today might NOT be aware of this ACT of WAR. What I cannot believe – the cover-up of the truth goes on today….I am also positive, many people (in Israel and America) would have second thoughts of what the actual reality is today in the Middle East and the world – and to me, this is a very scary thought!

    Some of these decision makers are no longer with us, but some of the so called heroes of the 6 day war are now the decision makers of Isreal today.

    Many seasoned politicians do not learn from their own history – usually simple GREED and Power corrupt these people, they honestly do not understand how fragile our small world really is, or they do not care.

    When you think of the Political idiots worldwide, these lawmakers and lawbreakers – simple idiots who have made insane financial decisions, decisions based on GREED, etc. – you begin to wonder, will humans survive their own stupidity.
    Something too think about when you watch the YOUTUBE Video – Dead in the Water (Israel's attack on the USS Liberty in 1967).

    This USS Liberty story should be taught in schools around the world, so our innocent young children – our future will learn: the truth is many times – NOT reality,


  3. So lets get this straight "you" were willing to attack Iraq, Syria, and now Sudan but how about Iran. Oh you have been threatening to attack for the better part of 10+ years but have you actually attacked them before Obama was elected, or how about back in 2010 before the Busherer reactor went online as John Bolton suggested. No of course not, ha its laughable to think if you could attack Iran you wouldn't have already done so.

  4. There are many theories about the USS Liberty, but all agreed on one thing: it was a spy ship. It's intentions were suspect. If you listen to the tapes of the Israeli pilots, then they didn't see the American flag. It all comes down to what the USS Liberty was doing in the middle of a war zone, and there are many opinions, not all of them complimentary to the American government. The government of Israel apologized, offered monetary compensation. Not sure what else you would like them to do. There was a war on, and America was not as strong an ally of Israel was it was later to become. For America, the struggle was against Russia, not for Israel.

  5. I was watching some interview yesterday on the 45th anniversary last summer….not too impressive, but I believe the American government cannot be trusted pretty much on anything they do or say these days….As for the Liberty not being recognised, well that is nonsense as the pilots as well as the attacking boats fully understood the ship was American – it was planned even before the ship entered those waters….I think the main problem was the ship did not sink and the majority of sailors lived to tell their story – the two governments screwed up and maybe some day they will tell the truth – I appreciate your thoughts….I am just concerned about how the the Americans seem to change, or try to change history to suit their own agenda….when America attacks Iran because of their nuclear ambitions, many people will be thinking of oil and greed behind their involvement….I know I will – Michael

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