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The Flag of Israel flying in Jerusalem with the Temple Mount in the distance

In today’s world, the search to end global conflicts and violent confrontations between nations has, ostensibly, become an URGENT priority.

Ironically, Israel; the Jewish homeland that was reborn with G-D’S help after the unspeakable HOLOCAUST and which for more than six decades has endeavored to negotiate a peaceful solution to the Arab Israeli conflict, is now being singled out as the “obstacle to peace”.


With every passing day, ugly invectives emerge from the mouths of leaders of so called ‘cultured and civilized’ countries as well as from the bright lights in academic universities, condemning Israel as a ‘racist apartheid state’ and declaring it has no right to exist!

No matter!

Despite their vile efforts to boycott, to isolate , and to destroy Medinat Yisrael which is the aim of the accelerating Arab terrorist attacks …B’ezrat H-ASHEM ITBARACH, ISRAEL will soon celebrate its 68th INDEPENDENCE DAY as a strong and sovereign Jewish State!.

Yet, the question arises: “Is Israel truly independent?’

More often than not, the decisions made by successive Israeli governments that affect the Jewish State, are based on the premise “ma yomru hagoyim” (What will the nations say”)?

This craven capitulation to the dictates of leaders of foreign governments, such as U.S. President Obama, has often proved detrimental and caused more pressure to be exerted on Israel to make additional dangerous concessions to the implacable Arab enemies.

Among other self flagellating rituals in which Israel regularly engages that tend to belie her claim to independence is the seemingly chronic need to explain every action that is undertaken by the ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES to defend and protect the Jewish homeland. Perhaps what is needed is a “Minister of Explanation“?

These futile attempts to ‘explain’ Israel’s justified defensive actions only succeed in eliciting condemnations by that bastion of “morality,” the United Nations which continues to turn a “blind eye” to the multitude of Arab atrocities that are being perpetrated upon innocent Jewish men, women and children.

Despite the fact that Israel is reported to be the main superpower in the Middle East, I believe the obtuse policy of its leaders in allowing hostile Arabs to remain in the country for fear of negative world opinion, is yet another glaring example of Israel’s non-independence.

By relying on the ‘peace plans’ of nations that are at best indifferent to our fate, and at worst, want to see Israel altogether eliminated, the Jewish State is courting unparalleled disaster!

In the final analysis, as the prophecies of our HOLY TORAH clearly record, Israel was reborn when G-D, Blessed is HE , mercifully ended the millenia long and painful exile to return the Jewish people to our ancient homeland, Eretz Yisrael.

Therefore, Israel should cease it’s foolish and non-productive attempts to curry favor with the world that for generations has by and large persecuted Jews in pogroms, Crusades, Inquisitions and ‘the final solution” of Nazi Germany.

To be truly independent, Israel can only depend on our one Eternal ally, HA KADOSH BARACHU and begin to do whatever must be done for the survival of Medinat Yisrael.


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Shifra Hoffman is a journalist and founder of the VICTIMS of ARAB TERROR INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION (VAT) and Executive Director of SHUVA (Return--The Israel Emergency Aliyah Movement). She can be contacted at: [email protected]