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Ariel Sharon on a visit to Gush Katif in 2001, before he decided to destroy it.

All civilian responsibilities will be given over to an Arab government. Education, health, a judicial system and taxes will be the responsibility of the Arab government.

Any terrorist activity against the Arab government or Israel will be dealt with in the most severe manner.


This situation will continue for 3 years. During that time, Israel will help build an infrastructure for the people in Gaza to have a life. If at the end of the three years the Arabs decide they want to continue living a normal life, the IDF can gradually pull out till only limited boundary checks and control will remain. If the Arabs are still stuck on destroying Israel more than they are on building their own, we can make this a permanent status.

What Will NOT Happen

No Arab armed military force will exist except under Israeli command No Weapons Allowed, no missiles, no terrorist activity at all

Jewish settlements in Gaza

If Arabs are serious about peace, there is no reason why Jewish towns cannot be rebuilt in Gaza. There are Arab towns all over Israel and there is no reason there cannot be Jewish towns in Gaza.

Arabs Want To Become Israeli

Whether it be Arabs in Gaza or in the West Bank who are sick and tired of the corruption and would like to become part of Israel, they will have the option of becoming a Foreign Resident. They will receive FULL State protection and all rights that are given to the the citizens of Israel with the exception of voting rights (not yet).

The conditions are simple:

1. They accept Israel as the Jewish democratic State and will not try in any way to destroy that.

2. Have no ties to terrorist organizations or movements that seek  the destruction of Israel.

After a 5-year period and after they prove their loyalty to the State of Israel, they will be given full citizenship.

Here are perfect examples of Arab citizens of Israel.

Druze officer appointed Golani Brigade commander. Col. Rassan Alian 

Dr. Mais Ali Saleh’s main distinction is that she was the No. 1 student in the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology’s 2013 medical school graduating class. Oh, and she is an Israeli Arab@

I do not know if this solution will work or not, but what I do know is, it is better than war and certainly better than having Hamas in charge.

If you really have pity on the people in Gaza, you should be the first to support this solution. If it is building a first time Arab Palestine State between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River on  what is now Israel, be prepared to fight the IDF.

There is already an Arab State that exits on what was 80% of British Mandate of Palestine. It is called Jordan and as of today there are more than 70% of Arabs there who call themselves Palestinian.

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