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Flags of Australia and Israel. Will the friendship change?

Oct. 17, 2022Senator the Hon Penny WongMinister for Foreign AffairsGovernment of AustraliaDear Minister Wong,I take it that you are totally uninformed about the history of Jerusalem and your decision to invalidate Israel’s capital is nothing more than your supine support of the Palestinian victimhood narrative.In case you are open to facts, around 3000 years ago, Jerusalem was declared the capital city of the Jewish people by Kind David. You know—the kid who used his slingshot to mow down Goliath and then became king of the Jews.In the following 3000 years, Jerusalem was only divided once by Jordan who in 1949 seized and ethnically cleansed East Jerusalem of its Jews until 1967 when Israel once again and finally united Jerusalem.Maintaining that East Jerusalem, indeed all of Jerusalem, is not Israel’s capital until the Palestinians are satisfied gives terrorist groups like Hamas a veto over Australia’s foreign policy. In North America, we call that subcontracting one’s values.Australia’s foreign policy that validates Jordan’s invasion, occupation, and ethnic cleansing of Jews makes one wonder how long it will be until Australia ethnically cleanses its Jews.  I hope it will be soon because Israel could use more strong intelligent Jews to strengthen its position as the only democratic country in the Middle East.Respectfully yours,Lawrence Shapiro,Calgary, Alberta Canada


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