Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

We’re not sure what all the uproar is about regarding UTJ‘s picture of a Reform Jewish dog. There are plenty of Reform sponsored Bark-Mitzvas ceremonies out there, and once there was even a website for converting your pet to Judaism!

UTJ wasn’t saying that Reform Jews are dogs, though some dogs are Reform Jews (and some are agnostics).


They were pointing out the mockery Reform Judaism makes of itself by their holding Bark Mitzva and conversion ceremonies for dogs.

Even Howie Mandel knows they do that.

We found a number of Reform temples proudly offering Bark Mitzvah ceremonies with plenty of pictures of dogs wearing kipas and taleisim to demonstrate this mockery.

What is everyone getting upset about?

That UTJ told the truth and Israelis learned for themselves of the mockery that Reform make of their own religion?

Or that dogs now will have an easier time making Aliyah as Nefesh Bark Nefesh applicants?
(No FBI background checks or fingerprinting required.)

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