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Anarchist protesters in Bnei Brak. March 14, 2023

On Thursday morning one of the anarchist protest organizers disgustingly tried (but failed) to stage a video of Ultra-Orthodox Jews chasing after money he threw at them.

Other anarchist leaders have tried to insult, instigate and provoke the residents of Bnei Brak into anger and even violence.


But the residents of Bnei Brak were not having any of that. They greeted their fellow Jews with smiles, songs, drinks and cholent.

And eventually this led to protesters dancing with a Sefer Torah, and one older protester even breaking down in tears to the song Shalom Aleichem.

But the highlight of the evening was something the community organizers didn’t expect to foil their plans for provocation.

Many of the protesters finally stopped screaming, chanting, whistling and drumming, and instead began talking with the Haredi citizens of Bnei Brak.

Really talking.

Perhaps for some, their first time ever talking to an Ultra-Orthodox Jew.

Until now the protests have been about shutting up and drowning out the other – anyone and everyone the community organizers disagree with, via mindless zombie chants and noise.

But this time, the inner Jewish voice of the average Israeli citizen won out, and the noise stopped and the talking began.

And this is why in the end, the anarchist community organizers will lose and the Jewish people will win.

Achim Anachnu. We are brothers.

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