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[WARNING: Graphic Description of PA Terrorist Attack]

On October 12, 2000, two IDF reservists were lynched; brutally beaten and mutilated by a Palestinian Arab mob in Ramallah, Samaria. Yosef Avrahami, aged 38, was the father of three; Vadim Novesche, the other victim, was a 33 year-old newly-wed.


The 2 soldiers accidentally entered Palestinian Authority-controlled Ramallah, and were captured by PA police forces. The PA police took them to a police station where the soldiers were brutally beaten. The PA police then handed over the soldiers to a mob, while the Police watched the scene. One of the Israelis was thrown out the window into the midst of the bloodthirsty mob who continued to beat and dismember the body, all the while cheering.

A “proud” Arab-Muslim “hero”, Aziz Salha, his hands covered in the blood of the Israelis, waves in a bragging manner through the window to the larger crowd anxiously waiting in the public square.

During the lynch, one of the Arab murderers paused in his savage beating to answer a cell phone belonging to one of the dying soldiers. He told the worried voice on the other end of the line, “We are killing your husband.”

Not much has changed in 15 years. May the memories of Yosef Avrahami, and Vadim Novesche be a blessing.


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  1. People cry, "Peace! Peace!" where there is no peace, where there can be no peace.

    In the end, the Muslim death cult will get exactly what they deserve — Complete extermination.

    As for the Muslims who are offended by all of this radical Muslim violence, the time has come to speak, and to act. For them not to not do so, is to ultimately perish themselves.

    Muslims make up 1.2 billion out of the world's 7.3 billion people. Most of them do not live in advanced societies, which are the producers of the world's goods, and weaponry. They are, by far, vastly outnumbered, to the tune of 5:1. And without oil monies, many Muslim nations would still be living in the Stone Age. The course which their radicals have taken, is but a suicide, for all of them.

    This is a branch of wild asses; they do not bear fruit.

    Allah is a god of death and enslavement, not one of life, or the freedom of the individual. If this is what they choose; if this is how they choose to die; then, so be it. Hashem accommodates all of our freewill choices — Even the freewill choice to be cut off, and to be cast into the Kidron's flames, to there be consumed, and to exist no more…

    So much for their Paradise…

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