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Remains of the Israeli bus hijacked by Palestinian terrorists in masterminded by terrorist Dalal Mughrabi

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Monday’s Tlaib/Omar presser was a horrible display. Two members of Congress were expressing their Antisemitism in public, aired live by major media and the cable networks, their hate speech supported by their fellow Democrats. Although as far as acting goes one of the two members of Congress had provided an award-winning performance, but she left out one important point.


Rashida Tlaib put in a great emotional act during her press conference today. She spoke of the difficulty trying to move around Judea and Samaria (she calls it the West Bank) when she was a child trying to visit her Grandmother.

“As a young girl visiting Palestine to see my grandparents and extended family, I watched as my mother had to go through dehumanizing checkpoints – even though she was a United States citizen and a proud American,”

I too am a proud American and when I went to Israel I had to go through checkpoints. For some—I was patted down, others I went through metal detectors, still others wands. Were they dehumanizing? No more dehumanizing than going through the TSA checkpoints before getting on an Airplane.

What Tlaib neglected to mention was the reason for the checks.  Israel was attempting to prevent all her citizens, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish from becoming victims of Palestinian terror.

During the time Tlaib was aged 2-10 and visiting there were 129 attempted or successful Palestinian terrorist attacks; 212 people were killed and 1,149 were injured (there were other attacks outside of Israel such as the Achille Lauro hijacking  on October 7, 1985, when a  69-year-old Jewish American man in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer, was murdered by the Palestinian hijackers and thrown overboard ). And this was before they started suicide bombings.

What Tlaib was complaining about was Israel’s attempt to prevent more murders, and people being wounded.

Palestinian Terror Attacks in Israel 1978-1986    Rep. Rashida Tlaib Was Aged 2-10  
1/8/78East Jerusalem03grenade attack at bus station in East Jerusalem
2/14/78Jerusalem248bombing on bus
2/19/78Jerusalem111 Arab killed, 1 Arab injured by bombing at Hebrew University
3/11/78Tel Aviv517243 killed (including 1 American), 72 injured in shooting attack on Tel Aviv beach; thirteen PLO/al-Fatah terrorists land by boat on beach near Tel Aviv and seize a bus, engaging police in gun battle during which bus explodes (nine terrorists also killed)
4/26/78Jerusalem232 West Germans killed, 3 injured by grenade thrown into bus between Galilee and Jerusalem
6/2/78Jerusalem6196 killed (1 died 3 Jun, 1 American killed), 19 injured (including one American) in bombing of bus
6/29/78Jerusalem247bombing in market
8/3/78Tel Aviv150bomb in children’s clothing stand
8/18/78Tel Aviv1?bombing in market
11/19/78Israel430bombing on bus; casualties include citizens of Belgium, Canada, Sweden, and the UK
12/16/78Jerusalem02222 injured (including 5 Americans) by bombing on bus
1/13/79Maalot451 killed in fall attempting to escape three Palestinian gunmen who tried to seize hotel in Maalot; 5 others injured (three terrorists killed)
1/18/79Jerusalem021bombing of market
1/19/79Qiriyat Shemona04shelling of Qiryat Shemona and Nahariya
1/28/79Netanya234morning bombing in Netanya market
2/28/79Jerusalem06bombing in market
3/7/79Jerusalem012bombing on bus at Plaza Hotel; bombing on second bus in Tel Aviv causes no injuries
3/10/79Tel Aviv4?four terrorists killed
3/23/79Jerusalem113bombing in Zion Square
3/26/79Lod019bombing in market
3/27/79Tel Aviv114bombing in downtown Tel Aviv
4/6/79Jerusalem013bomb at Arab bus stop
4/10/79Tel Aviv136bombing in market
4/15/79Tirat Zir40four terrorists killed crossing from Jordan near Tirat Zir
4/17/79Israel761 soldier killed, 6 soldiers injured by terrorists crossing from Lebanon (six terrorists also killed)
4/21/79Nahariya644 killed (including 2 children), 4 injured by four terrorists (two killed) who attacked apartment building
5/14/79Tiberias2322 killed (both teenagers), 32 injured (including 2 Americans) by bombing
5/23/79Petach Tikva313bombing at bus stop
6/3/79Jerusalem03bombing at bookstore
6/24/79Tel Aviv20two Palestinians killed while driving a truck bomb near bus station
7/6/79Jerusalem033 French citizens injured by bombing near UN offices in East Jerusalem
7/7/79Kafr Manda411bombing
8/21/79Tel Aviv04two bombs exploded ten minutes apart at an amusement park
9/15/79Tel Aviv011 police officer injured by bombing
9/16/79Jerusalem1?shooting attack in Arab section of Jerusalem
9/19/79Jerusalem158bombing at Jerusalem pedestrian mall
9/27/79Tel Aviv06three bombings
10/8/79Hebron02two Palestinian youth injured attempting to plant a bomb near the Tomb of the Patriarchs
10/24/79Tel Aviv01bombing at bus terminal
11/19/79Jerusalem01313 injured at bus stop by bomb on bus; second bomb explodes on another bus, also in Jerusalem, with no injuries
2/11/80Petah Tikva010bombing
2/16/80Gaza211two bombings in Gaza
4/7/80Misgav Am Kibbutz816hostage taking at children’s dormitory
5/2/80Hebron6166 killed (1 died subsequently of injuries and 1 American), 16 injured in attack on worshippers leaving synagogue
5/26/80Hebron011 police officer injured in stabbing attack
6/2/80Hebron01110 injured in four bombings in Palestinian towns; three car bombs each injure one Palestinian major, an Israeli police officer also injured; 7 Palestinians injured by a grenade thrown near an elementary school in Hebron
6/10/80Jerusalem011 injured (police officer) in shooting attack
6/16/80Rosh Hanikra311 soldier injured (three terrorists killed) during intercept of terrorists in a boat south of Rosh Hanikra
8/17/80Jaffa18car bombing
8/24/80Jerusalem112bombing at gas station
9/13/80Jerusalem122 injured by premature explosion of bomb, killing one terrorist
10/5/80Givatayim37bomb exploded in parcel in Givatayim post office; one of those killed was the target of the mail bomb
10/18/80 Jerusalem01bomb exploded on sidewalk
10/25/80Jerusalem01413 soldiers and 1 civilian injured by bombing
10/25/80Tel Aviv02bombing at bus stop
11/6/80Kiryat Shemona05rocket attack
11/9/80Israel011 Palestinian injured by grenade attack
11/15/80West Bank03premature explosion of bomb on bus injured one civilian plus two terrorists carrying the bomb
12/10/80Jerusalem02bomb exploded under car
1/11/81Gaza121 killed by shooting and 2 injured by grenade in attack on taxi
1/29/81Israel03several injured in rocket attacks in northern Israel
2/7/81Gaza2?2 killed (both Palestinians) by grenade thrown at a military vehicle
4/16/81Israel20attempted attack by two terrorists trying to enter Israel by balloon; both terrorists killed
4/24/81 Jerusalem011 Arab injured by bomb
6/1/81Jerusalem011 injured while defusing bomb in cafe
7/14/81Gaza151 killed (a soldier), 5 injured by bomb in southern Gaza
7/15/81Israel3253 killed, 25 injured in rocket attacks in northern Israel
8/30/81Nablus1141 killed (Arab child), 14 injured by bomb in a market
9/12/81Jerusalem1281 killed, 28 injured (most Italians) by grenade
10/31/81Hebron031 Israeli stabbed and 2 Arabs shot
6/28/82Eilat01attack on workers
1/8/83Tel Aviv012grenade thrown into bus near Tel Aviv
7/1/83Hebron1?1 American killed in stabbing attack
7/25/83Hebron333shooting attack on Islamic college
12/6/83Jerusalem6436 killed (including 1 American who died 19 Dec), 43 injured in bombing of bus
2/28/84 Jerusalem021two grenades explode at store
3/5/84Ramallah077 Palestinians injured in attack on bus near Ramallah by seven terrorists
3/8/84Ashdod39bombing on bus
4/2/84Jerusalem148shooting attack by three terrorists in shopping area (one terrorist killed by authorities)
4/12/84Gaza571 killed (died 13 Apr of injuries), 7 injured during hijacking of bus by four terrorists (all four terrorists killed during storming of bus by authorities)
4/23/84Qalqilya02bombing near Qalqiliya
9/22/84Jerusalem04explosion of grenade at Palestinian coffee shop
10/28/84Jerusalem110rocket fired by Israeli soldiers at Palestinian bus
12/1/84Jerusalem03grenade attack on bus
12/17/84Tel Aviv03grenade attack at bus stop
4/19/85Jerusalem1?shooting attack
4/21/85Haifa20?Israeli navy sinks ship with Fatah terrorists attempting to land near Haifa; 20 terrorists killed
4/28/85Israel011 soldier injured by rocket propelled grenade fired from Jordan
4/30/85Israel01grenade attack against bus
4/30/85Bat Pam01grenade attack on Israeli intelligence center in Bat Pam, south of Tel Aviv
6/23/85Beit Shemesh2?attack by two terrorists near Beit Shemesh
6/24/85Jerusalem011 child injured by bomb near bus stop
7/8/85Holon05bombing at bus station
7/31/85Haifa03multiple bombs in military factory
8/29/85Jerusalem01stabbing attack
9/2/85Gila06bombing in Gila suburb of Jerusalem
9/6/85Jerusalem1?bombing at outdoor market
9/25/85Mount Scopus01bombing at bus station
9/26/85Gilo, West Bank07bombing at bus stop in Gilo near Jerusalem
9/29/85Haifa05two nearly simultaneous bombings in downtown Haifa
10/6/85Jerusalem3?shootings near Jerusalem
10/7/85Jerusalem011bombing of residential building
10/24/85Afula05bombing in central market
11/11/85Jerusalem011 soldier injured in stabbing
12/26/85Tel Aviv01bombing outside restaurant
1/29/86Israel322 killed, 2 injured (all soldiers) in attack on Army patrol (one terrorist also killed)
1/30/86Jerusalem121 police officer killed, 2 civilians injured in shooting attack
2/14/86Jerusalem06bombing of bus
3/19/86Jerusalem13car bombing
4/8/86Jerusalem09bomb thrown at bus
4/8/86Afula011 soldier injured by bombing
4/27/86Jerusalem1?1 British citizen killed in shooting
5/20/86Jerusalem06attack on Israeli military vehicle
5/25/86Israel011 injured by one of three bomb explosions
6/5/86Jerusalem02bombing of supermarket
6/30/86Jerusalem066 injured in attacks on two buses (5 on one, 1 on another)
7/10/86Israel692 killed, 9 injured (all soldiers) by terrorists landing boat on coast (all four terrorists killed)
7/20/86Tel Aviv011 teenager injured by bombing
8/22/86Jerusalem2?2 soldiers killed in stabbing attack
10/15/86Jerusalem1?1 American killed in grenade attack at Western Wall
10/26/86Israel011 injured when terrorist attempts to gain control of bus filled with students, intending to crash bus
11/14/86Jerusalem1?1 student killed in attack
Total2121149 (Source: Johnson Archive)