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The far-Left is lashing out at the ADL for reposting a tweet thread from Brian Robinson, the moderate Democratic District 10 U.S. congressional candidate. Robinson took the far-Left org JFREJ (Jews For Racial & Economic Justice) to task for pretending to represent mainstream Jewish interests, or even Jewish interests at all, with their electoral organization, The Jewish Vote.

Robinson did not hold back in his critique of JFREJ.


Because of their deceptive name, many Jews who do not know who “The Jewish Vote” is will have no idea that they prefer BDS candidates and harbor an animosity towards the Jewish state. Brian noted that their co-founder Raf Shuminov allies with the virulently antisemitic hate group “Decolonize This” which attacks Jews as “colonizers,” not only in Israel but in…Brooklyn.

While many Jews are grateful to Robinson for speaking up, it was a surprise when the liberal head of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, weighed in by liking and retweeting Robinson’s thread.

Needless to say, the far-Left is furious, and demanding Greenblatt delete his tweet and apologize.

Some JFREJ allies have taken offense that Robinson made fun of JFREJ for attempting to weaponize Havdalah while not respecting that this is done after sundown on Shabbat.

Robinson noted the decarceration and anti-safety policies JFREJ has pushed have harmed the Jewish community terribly.

Hopefully Greenblatt stands firm against JFREJ. Time will tell. Certainly more and more Jews are resisting this far-Left org pushing “dystopian” policies and promoting anti-Israel candidates in our name.

In related news, Republicans can show up to the Democratic primary and vote in the August 23rd primary and before with an affidavit ballot changing registration.

Something to consider. This is an open race, an effectively open primary, and there is a lot at stake.


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