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Biden and the Classified Files

In response to the editorial “The Hur Report as Teaching Moment” (Feb. 16), I wish to point out that Mr. Hur noted “that Mr. Biden had ‘willfully’ retained and shared classified material ‘implicating sensitive intelligence sources and methods.’” In other words, he ‘intentionally’ and ‘deliberately’ shared classified information.


Moreover, he removed classified information as a senator and vice president when he had no authority to do so. In my opinion, it seems he stole classified information, for only a president has the authority to take classified information from the White House after declassifying them.

Yet Biden was not charged with a crime, for Hur deemed him “a sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” But was Biden “an elderly man with a poor memory” when he took and shared classified information years ago? I would argue, as Hur noted, that Biden intentionally committed these acts. And I believe they were unlawful acts.

Furthermore, if Biden could not stand trial for such offenses due to his poor memory, how can he perform his presidential duties?

When I watch our president on television, I am deeply concerned for his welfare and for our country as he often seems confused, disoriented, and unable to complete a coherent sentence. Although some pundits claim he is cognitively sharp, I think of The Emperor’s New Clothes, a folktale in which the emperor is naked but the people are told that he is wearing a new suit.

Finally, since Mr. Biden is not charged with a crime, how can Donald Trump, who had the authority as president to take and declassify classified documents, be charged?

Dr. Mel Waldman
Author of I Am A Jew


Thanks But No Thanks

Given the way President Biden handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan after disregarding the recommendations from his military advisors, it’s no surprise that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not want to follow his suggestion on attacking Rafah.

Charles Winfield
Princeton, N.J.


All Bark, No Bite

On October 7, Iran-supported Hamas barbarically attacked Israel and precipitated a full-scale war in Gaza, with Prime Minister Netanyahu saying that Israel will not stop until Hamas is destroyed. It is continuing that campaign even with many casualties on both sides.

Since October 7, other Iran proxies have also been attacking civilian ships in the Red Sea and have conducted over 150 attacks against U.S. forces, culminating with the deadly drone attack that killed three U.S. servicemen. The United States did launch some retaliatory air strikes on the drone support facilities, but they were announced well in advance and resulted in few if any casualties. They also killed an ISIS commander, but in war, casualties occur even among top brass, and these do not necessarily result in a change in objectives.

I use the word “war” deliberately here, lest anyone have any doubt that, although it may be undeclared, we are at war with Iran proxies. There are air, drone, and missile attacks from both sides, the U.S. has two full naval carrier task forces active in the region, and men are being killed on both sides. This is called war, even if it is undeclared.

However, in spite of these constant provocations, President Biden’s National Security Council on January 29, 2024, still stated that “We do not seek another war. We do not seek to escalate.” This has been our usual response to provocations recently – a flood of papers, declarations, condemnations, appeals, etc., but very little in the way of decisive action. We act like a paper tiger in a jungle filled with sharp-toothed tigers.

This all bark but no bite. Timidity can only embolden the hostile forces that are proxies of Iran, which have been engaged in constant terrorist activities, and are now in open conflict against Israel and the United States.

In the absence of any other real deterrence besides Israel’s full-scale attack, the phrase “Death to Israel, Death to America” will be more than just a slogan, but an active battle cry for Iran and its proxies.

Max Wisotsky
Highland Park, N.J.


Buy Israeli

I have an unusual idea for how we can support Israel: When we go to our local merchants (grocery stores, wine/liquor markets, cosmetic stores and others), how about making an effort to buy Israeli products? There are many fine kosher Israeli wines, liquors, fruits, vegetables, cosmetics and health and beauty products, condiments, pickles and snacks available for purchase. If Jaffa oranges and grapefruits aren’t available, then request them. Instead of buying any kosher wine, request an Israeli wine. Supporting Israel is more than writing a check to Hadassah, JNF, Magen David Adom or any of those fine organizations. Showing stores and merchants that Israeli products are in demand and will sell is equally as important.

Harold Rose
Via Email


A Better Budget

With a $34.2 trillion and growing national debt, the U.S. Senate’s proposed $95 billion aid package, which includes $60 billion to Ukraine, $14 billion to Israel, $8 billion to Taiwan and $9 billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza, should be paid for by reprogramming existing funding within our $5.5 trillion-dollar federal budget. Every billion sent to all four should be matched by providing a billion more to secure our own southern border with Mexico and northern border with Canada. There should be separate votes for each of these funding initiatives.

The private sector and citizens must make difficult financial decisions on how to use existing resources. Americans prioritize their own family budgets. They make the difficult choices in how existing household funds will be spent. President Biden and Congress must also do the same.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, N.Y.


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