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Azeri Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov accepts invitation of Israeli counterpart Eli Cohen to attend opening of Azeri embassy.

Relations between Israel and Azerbaijan continue to solidify. After Foreign Minster Eli Cohen convened a meeting last Friday with his colleague, Azeri Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov, and thanked him for Azerbaijan’s decision to open an embassy in Israel, the Azeri minster congratulated the foreign minister on assuming his position and expressed his desire to continue strengthening relations between the countries. The Azeri minister accepted Minster Cohen’s invitation to come to Israel for the opening of the embassy.


As a further stage in the strengthening of ties, Azeri parliament members delivered a warm letter of congratulations and thanks to 30 ministers and members of Knesset from all factions, who had recently signed and sent a letter of support and encouragement to the Azeri parliament, following the official announcement of the opening of the embassy in Israel. In the letter of encouragement, the Knesset members expressed their surprise at the announcement by the French parliament on its decision to impose an embargo on the purchase of oil and gas from Azerbaijan, thereby bolstering Iran, to which Muslim Azerbaijan resolutely objects.

“We thank you most graciously for your letter of congratulations with respect to the establishment of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Israel. The opening of the embassy in Israel signifies the commencement of a new phase in our bilateral relations, and constitutes living testimony to our cooperation which is taking on a new level.

“Israel was one of the first states to recognize Azerbaijan’s independence. Azerbaijan and Israel share a similar position with respect to the processes developing in their regions and on a global scale, and show mutual support in everything regarding a solution to the problems facing our countries. The residents of Azerbaijan highly appreciate and will never forget Israel’s ongoing and consistent support for Azerbaijan’s honorable standing during The 44-Day Patriotic War.”

With direct reference to the Iranian issue faced by Azerbaijan, Azeri parliament members wrote that “Unfortunately, not everyone is satisfied with Azerbaijan’s victory in the war, which improves its political, military, and economic capacity in the region and solidifies its international standing. The current severe anti-Azeri rhetoric of The Islamic Republic of Iran and her military tactics along the Iran-Azeri border is a clear indication thereof, and they expose Iran’s goals. We have never been afraid of any threats made against Azerbaijan and our country is capable of responding appropriately.

“We are satisfied and altogether inspired to have received your message of support, especially in light of the increasing threats against Azerbaijan, and for this, we express our gratitude and Azerbaijan’s decision to open an embassy in Israel.”

Among other issues, they warmly added to all Members of Knesset that “We take advantage of this opportunity to invite you to Azerbaijan and are confident that your visit will constitute a significant incentive to broaden our interparliamentary ties, to deepen Azerbaijan-Israel relations and the strategic partnership based on mutual trust and support.”

With reference to the thousand year old local Jewish community that enjoys complete religious freedom without local anti-Semitic occurrences or discrimination, the heads of the Azeri parliament concluded their letter to the Members of Knesset in Israel: ”The Jewish community lives in brotherhood, peace and friendship in Azerbaijan, where religious equality, tolerance, and intercultural values are considered a way of life. The Jewish citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan are active participants in our country’s social, political, and cultural life, and contribute to the development of Azerbaijan.”



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