Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash90
General view of Mamila mall, the Mamila project in Jeusalem on it's opening night, May 28 2007.

Comparable to a 70-facet diamond, Jerusalem is an ongoing love story between the Almighty and His people even as it is a bone of contention between the descendants of Dovid HaMelech and the nations of the world that view the city as their personal possession.

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Yefe Nof, Mesos kol Ha’aretz – Beautiful Site, Joy of all the Earth; two of the seventy names provided for Jerusalem. Her hovels and tents, her ruins and remains, have produced stone structures commanding admiration; permanent dwellings and public spaces cemented with tears and love, redeemed with defensive armor and golden coins.

Jerusalem is the city where three generations of our children were born, it is home and host to towering dreams, it is where the Almighty is praised, the Torah is observed, and daily prayers are offered that our love and commitment to Hashem, and to one another, remains steadfast so that our generation merits seeing the third Temple reestablished in our eternal city.


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Faigie Heiman is an accomplished short story and essay writer, author of a popular memoir “Girl For Sale,” formerly an Olam Yehudi columnist at The Jewish Press. Born and raised in Williamsburg, she made her home in Israel 63 years ago.