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Writing in Israel National News last week, Tova Dvorin tell us:

The Obama administration has asked a judge Monday to “carefully consider” the size of the bond demanded from the Palestinian Authority (PA) for its role orchestrating years of terror attacks against Israelis and Jews – directly interfering in a US court case.


In February, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) – the terror group behind the PA – was found liable to pay $218.5 million to victims of terror, a figure that was set to be tripled to $655.5 million according to the anti-terrorism laws under which the case was brought…

In a document entitled “Statement of Interest of the United States of America,” the Obama administration expressed concerns over the payments hurting the PA’s basic government services.

Forcing the PLO to pay “a significant portion of its revenues would likely severely compromise the P.A.’s ability to operate as a governmental authority,” deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken wrote.

It’s hard to imagine that at this late date I am still capable of being disgusted by the Obama administration.  Yet there it is.  Just when I think that they can’t sink even lower into the muck, we get stories like the one above.

So, the Obama administration is literally siding with the PA and the PLO over their American victims, despite an American court-ruling not in Palestinian-Arab favor.  The word “shocking” comes to mind, although I am certain that many of you will not be shocked.

And the reason for this interference in the ruling of the court is because Obama is concerned that the PA will not be able to pay its bills?  Well, he has a point.  Supporting terrorism does not necessarily come cheaply.  But if the PA cannot afford to pay its bills, whose fault is that?

{Oh, Israel’s.  Naturally.  I forgot for a moment.}

We are to believe that the PA-PLO should be shielded by the President of the United States from having to suffer the predictable consequences of their own behavior?  A behavior that includes the murder of American citizens?  Or does Barack Obama honestly think that it is perpetually Jew hunting season in the Middle East?  If the PA can’t afford to post bond to the court perhaps they should rethink their rather counterproductive Jew Killing Policy.

But, in truth, would it really be an unfortunate thing if the PA collapsed?  The EU and the US are bankrolling a gang of cutthroats who cry out for the genocide of the Jews, who despise the United States, and who name schools after murderers.  We should not be in the business of promoting these people, we should be in the business of actively opposing them.

The PA is not quite as heinous as Hamas, but it is close enough, and neither are democratic organizations.  Perhaps I am just old fashioned, and maybe my views on such matters are not nearly as sophisticated as our Genius in Chief’s, but when I was growing up most people had the notion that one supports one’s friends and opposes one’s enemies.  On a personal level we supported those who supported our well-being and values and opposed those who opposed them.

From a practical foreign policy standpoint what this means is that we should support the secular democracies and not support the non-democratic governments.  Above all, we should not be giving financial aid to Islamist organizations, like the Muslim Brotherhood, because the Brotherhood oppresses women, oppresses gay people, and oppresses the Christian Copts.  They would oppress Jews there, but there are no Jews there, having been ethnically-cleansed from almost the entire region by the hostile majority population in the middle of the last century.


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Michael Lumish is a PhD in American history from the Pennsylvania State University and has taught at PSU, San Francisco State University, and the City College of San Francisco. He regularly publishes on the Arab-Israel conflict at his own blog, Israel Thrives ( Lumish is also the founding editor of the scholarly on-line discussion forum H-1960s. He can be contacted at


  1. They are Muslims who are furthering the cause of Islam against Israel and America. Why are we so surprised that we’ve been infiltrated???! We wrote the book on espionage (and made the blockbuster), yet when it actually happens according to a script, why are we so hard of hearing and believing?? You can’t write this stuff… Or perhaps you can…

  2. ISREAL now can’t even complain about Islam specially they created new leader of Salah eldeen alyobi again.. the future will tell & show what kind of mistake ISREAL just created, they are proud of Kurds now let’s see in future. Than don’t blame others.. We lived this and we know what’s Islam

  3. republicans divided by Donald trumps immigration plans be real all you heels we want them out of our country ohh we all know they are loaded down in key voting states Texas California Florida we got it ass holes we know grab the guns declare martial law un jade helm in key states also we know boo ..ya idiots fake unemployment numbers 96 million out of work 12 million blacks jobs disappeared with psyco Obama’s flood of illegal Mexicans and Muslims look were they are look were they all started Texas Arizona new Mexico Obama a psyco he doesn’t want to go democrats and republicans have inter breed look at our country no laws no constitution only psyco Obama’s phone and pen…how many votes can 16 million illegals cast ???watch and see … the south they believe …….that’s how psyco Obama won his last election………

  4. what the Obama administration did was to act to forestall a complete crippling of the PLO, the de fact gov of the Arab West Bank. If PLO is hit with monetary damages, the effect will be a massive layoff of its police force which have, for the most part, been quite cooperative with Israel.

    If you want a total and complete reversion to lawlessness in Ramallah, Jenin, Hevron, and Nablus, then bankrupting the PLO is the easiest way to get there. But like all actions which make you feel like you're tough and "getting even", remember that the consequences of those actions can be far worse than any benefit to be derived from them.

    Sure, the PLO are rotten, evil people; but they're not quite as rotten and evil as a total vacuum would be — just look to Gaza for proof.

  5. The advent of Reality TV and Political Correctness have paralyzed the average American. We Americans became Ostriches and bury our heads in the TV so as to avoid dealing with the negative events. Having said that, from now on I will refer to the IDIOT in Chief in the WH as the world's biggest Lump of = Obummer !!!! What a ing delisional Pathetic president, and I say that with the out most respect.

  6. Alan Kardon The executive branch has intervened in cases dealing with foreign powers under every president in history; in reality, it's their role to insure that cases brought under what are procedures usually used by private citizen v private citizen are not disposed of in a manner contrary to foreign policy.

    If you take every issue of national security and try to view it though a political lens, you wind up invading Paris because your french fries were cold at the deli

  7. Perhaps it's time the PLO retrenched, for instance by not rewarding its terrorists. I'm sure there are many other areas where the PLO could cut back on unnecessary or counterproductive expenditures. BTW, Mr. Obama's intervention in this matter is yet another instance of the magical thinking he employed in the Iran nuclear treaty.

  8. And you expected what from this mumser POTUS, Mesiach maybe? His vileness is shown by every deed and word issueing from his mouth and position in the US government supporting islam in all matters that harm Israel as well as Jews and Chrisirtans everywhere…we sould be careful what we ask for sometimes…perhaps in him that's just what we got just not what we wanted.

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