The redemption of the Jewish people also comes in two stages: The second stage, the spiritual redemption called Mashiach Ben David, is symbolized by Jerusalem. The first stage, the physical redemption, called Mashiach Ben Yosef, is more connected to Hebron.

Traditionally there are two spots on earth that are the gateways to heaven. Adam’s soul came down from the heavens to Jerusalem and his body was formed by God from the earth of the Foundation Stone on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He returned his soul to his maker and was interred in Hebron at the Gates of Eden.


When we talk to God, when we pray, the Zohar tells us our words ascend up to the heavens through the Machpela Cave in Hebron. When we listen for God’s answer by learning Torah, his answer comes from Jerusalem – “For from Zion does the Torah go forth and the word of God from Jerusalem.”

So the answer is simple. Like our e-mail programs, Heaven has an outbox and an inbox. Hebron is the outbox, corresponding to the first part of the Torah, where we express our human choice and human endeavor, where our prayers go up, where, after a lifetime of toil, our souls ascend to Paradise.

Jerusalem is the inbox, where the answers come from – “You will be blessed from Zion and see the good of Jerusalem.”

Someday, hopefully soon, we will enter the days of Jerusalem. The splendor of God will be so apparent that our free choice will be taken from us. In the meantime we are in the days of Hebron, the days of proactive human choice and initiative – but the window of opportunity may be closing soon.

Many of us dedicate this valuable time to politics, complaining about our leaders and saying, “If only Bibi/Eitam/Feiglin were in power.” We seem to forget that we actually won several recent elections – somehow, though, the fruits of those victories were stolen from us again and again.

Our rabbis tell us, “The hearts of ministers are in the hand of God.” They have no free will. They are on autopilot, playing a veiled role in God’s cryptic plan.

When will we understand that it is all up to us? That with such brave, steadfast representatives as the Jews of Hebron, we could accomplish so much if we only stood with them?

Each and every one of you should make it your business to stand with them. Visit Hebron. Support Hebron. Please go to to see how you can help right now.


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Yossi Baumol is the director of development at Makor Chaim Institutions. He can be reached at [email protected].