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My husband has manufactured jewelry for many years. We are fortunate to meet many couples preparing to get engaged, as they become ready to purchase “the ring.” Part of the fun is watching the whole thing evolve from this point to fruition.

The last ring my husband sold came with a very unusual tale. It seems the young man’s parents married some 40 years ago. They informed us they had many infertility issues. The technology that is available now was not readily available then. It took them 11 years, obviously much heartache, and many failed attempts with doctors, until they found the right shaliach. They then had this wonderful son, who is now getting engaged.


At the same time, they were friendly with another couple. Everything was going well for them, as they got married around the same time, went to each other’s weddings, etc. This couple had two children soon after, baruch Hashem.

Let’s move forward a couple of years after couple number 1 had their mazeldig first child. They were talking to the friends, the couple that had the two children, and were told that after the friends’ had had the first two children they came across a problem and were told by many specialists that it wasn’t possible to have another child. Then couple number 1 said, “Why don’t you try our doctor? We had no luck before him; perhaps he can help you.” Off to the doctor the friends went, and with Hashem’s help a third child came into the picture.

Let’s fast forward some more. The young man, who is now 27, was quite immersed in looking for shidduchim, going to rabbis for berachot, davening, etc. This third child of the other couple, a lovely young girl, was also doing her effort to find a suitable young man. Her parents sent here resume to many shadchanim. One particular shadchan knew this man quite well and recommended him as a possible match.

This young man was particularly fine, as when his parents suggested he date someone, he didn’t bother to look at resumes or pictures, as many young men do. He trusted his parents knew his best interests, and attempted to put his best foot forward.

Hashem mapped this out 27 years ago and the children of these two friends met. They seemed to hit it off and connected right away.

They are now happily awaiting their wedding day. I have to revisit the fact that had the parents not mentioned this miracle doctor, this girl might never have been born. She was obviously born to be the zivug for this match, and of course to bring her parents much nachas. Now we have here two friends marrying their children off to each other, after going to each other’s wedding many years ago. Who would have thought?

As I said, Hashem weaves things all the time, and looks out for us as a father does. He then puts things in place at the proper time. We see this time and time again, and we’re always amazed at hearing these fascinating tales.


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