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And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations that came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles. Zecharia 14:16

Sukkot is an unusual Jewish holiday in that it has a very international/universal aspect to it.


On Sukkot in the Temple, 70 sacrifices were brought for all the nations of the world. And in Zechariah, there is the prophecy that the nations of the world will come to Jerusalem for the Sukkot holiday to pray.

Today, in Jerusalem, thousands of Evangelical Christians marched for Israel, the Jews and the Sukkot holiday.

We’re getting close.


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  1. It is a shame that so many don't understand what is really going on here. The xians come to Jerusalem to celebrate the anticipation of the return of their false god yeshu when they believe he will reign as King from Jerusalem. They refer to Sukkot as the feast and say it symbolizes the future wedding feast when yeshu returns for his bride, the xians. They spend their time here praying to and worshipping their fake god. They parade down the streets offering false love and candies in order to "break down the walls between Jew and gentile", believing that this wall is the only thing that blocks Jews from "seeing" their messiah/god yeshu.

  2. News reportage does not equal "tolerance" or "support." And besides, the differences are much greater than the identity of the mashiach. We worship ONE G-D who never inhabited a body, whereas you…

  3. I getting sick of hearing that the only difference between xians and Jews is that xians believe the messiah has already come and Jews believe he has yet to come. Nothing could be further from the truth. xians believe G-d impregnated a human woman with himself and after he was born and grew up then he killed himself to be a sacrifice to himself and xians worship this dead man. To all xians, yeshu is not the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. the xian bible is not the Torah and you are not grafted into the people of Israel. We don't need or want your "love" or salvation. Our G-d is the living G-D, your god is dead. You are not provoking the Jews to jealousy, you are the ones who are jealousy. You try to talk, dress and act like us. Your obsessed. Go single white female someone else and leave us the hell alone!!!!!!

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