Photo Credit: Pixabay

Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview Mudar Zahran, Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Council. The interview was inspired by Zahran’s amazing recent speech before the European Parliament addressing why BDS has impoverished Palestinians and why Israel constitutes an economic and military security force for good in the region. The Youtube of Zahran’s speech was viewed by upwards of 250,000 across the Middle East. He discusses why famine poverty, Syrian refugee problems and the alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Kingdom of Jordan has questioned the longevity of Hashemite rule. Zahran provides background on his family, education in the West and experience as a former employee of the US embassy in Amman with a high level security clearance. He also discusses why he received asylum in the UK with threats to his and his family’s lives. Why King Abdullah views him as a threat that led to a Jordanian Military Court prosecuted, convicted and sentenced him in absentia to 15 to 25 years. We discuss with him the rumored Trump Middle East Peace Plan elements of Confederation of Jordan and Palestine as the logical successor given the collapse of the PLO-Fatah, the PA and Hamas. We suggest you share widely this Mudar Zahran interview.


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