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On this show, Tamar Yonah is joined by Matt Zucker as they discuss the latest happenings in Israel and interview:

– Jonathan Pollard on Biden’s latest moves against Israel’s IDF soldiers and its security. What Israel should be doing!


– Yehezkel Laing, a veteran Israeli journalist, filmmaker and author of his new book:
‘The Jewish Conspiracy: Discovering the Common Hebrew Origins of the World’s Diverse Civilizations’ and can be found here:

-Also, Israel being coerced into supplying Gaza & the PA with money, food, free electricity and water. Why?

– Israel is a centrist moderate country caught between two extreme civilizations, the atheist West and the fundamentalist Middle East. Where is that bringing the world?

– Israel must not fear going against the Biden Administration’s interests. America’s power essentially derives from its Jewish roots. How?

– Lastly, the meaning and origins of Passover. Our own ancestors destroyed their Egyptian gods which could have gotten them killed in Egypt. …We had courageous ancestors whom we need to learn from today! How and why?


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