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Israel Uncensored: The “Individual” Creating Change For Israel [audio]

Josh Hasten interviews Avi Abelow from Israel Video Network. Avi says that it is the "individual" who can create change by spreading the truth about Israel, every person who has a passion for Israel can use the social media to fight the vicious lies being perpetrated by Israel haters.
Israel Uncensored: Netiv Ha'avot, Gush Etzion Braces for Demolition

Israel Uncensored: Netiv Ha’avot, Gush Etzion Braces for Demolition [audio]

Israel's High Court ruled that parts of 15 homes in the Netiv Ha'avot neighborhood of Elazar, Gush Etzion were "possibly" located on private Arab land, and while no proof of ownership was established, the homes are slated to be demolished later this week. More with Josh Hasten on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: It’s Time to Call Out the ‘Right Wing’ [audio]

Why is it moral for members of Israel’s ‘right wing’ government to hold meetings with top-level Palestinian Authority officials, an entity that incites against Israel and the Jewish People on a daily basis? Joshua Hasten today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Caroline Glick: UNSC Resolution is a Betrayal [audio]

What does Caroline Glick have to say about the UNSC Resolution that passed this week? Does this resolution give a green light to terrorism? On today's Israel Uncensored with host Joshua Hasten.

Israel Uncensored: Special Guest Caroline Glick – Obama Can Still Do More Damage to...

Caroline Glick joins Josh Hasten, host of "Israel Uncensored" discussing the latest from Hebron where an IDF soldier faces charges after killing an injured terrorist he felt was still a threat & what Israel needs to do to quell the current wave of terror across Israel.

Israel Uncensored: How The Gush Etzion Foundation Enhances Israeli Jewish Life [audio]

For over 20 years The Gush Etzion Foundation has been funding all types of projects in Gush Etzion. Joshua Hasten interviews Director Shani Simkovitz today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: While it Hurts to Breathe Kay Wilson Won’t Be Silent [audio]

Kay Wilson uses her words to unveil the truth about PA terror, trying to prevent the next attack. Don’t miss Josh Hasten's interview with a woman who has dedicated her life to seeking justice while creating a better future for Israel on today's "Israel Uncensored" on TheLandofIsrael.com Network
Israel Uncensored: PA's "Pay For Slay" Program Takes a Hit

Israel Uncensored: PA’s “Pay For Slay” Program Takes a Hit [audio]

Listen to an interview with attorney Maurice Hirsch from Palestinian Media Watch about the Knesset Bill which passed into law this past week freezing the amount of PA tax funds being paid to terrorists & their families. Today on Israel Uncensored w/ Joshua Hasten.
Israel Uncensored: Another Peace Plan on the Way?

Israel Uncensored: Another Peace Plan on the Way? [audio]

There are rumors of a new Trump administration-backed peace plan between Israel & the Palestinian Authority. Joshua Hasten argues that it is a mistake that any type of peace initiative with the PA will work since peace is not part of their vocabulary.

Israel Uncensored: There is Hope for Jewish Unity [audio]

IDF soldiers, the ultra-orthodox, secular Israelis, “settlers,” and members of other groups in Israel, all gathered to dedicate a new playground for children - proof that there is hope for Jewish unity in the near future today on Israel Uncensored with Joshua Hasten

Israel Uncensored: Bibi’s UN Speech Gives Rosh Hashanah Inspiration? [audio]

Rosh Hashanah inspiration was found in an unlikely place in the form of a positive and optimistic speech to the UN by Prime Minister Netanyahu. On this weeks Israel Uncensored on The Land Of Israel Network with Josh Hasten and special guest Rabbi Guy Avihod.

Israel Uncensored: Is ISIS in Jerusalem? [audio]

Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested that Sunday's truck-ramming terrorist attack was ISIS-inspired. Joshua Hasten interviews Dan Diker and discusses the PM’s comments on today's Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Kicking Jihadist Incitement Out of Football [audio]

The Palestinian Authority is hosting FIFA affiliated tournaments in Jerusalem named after some of the worst Jihadist terrorists ever. Are these events brainwashing the next generation of Arab youth? Joshua Hasten interviews Barry Shaw today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: On the Front Lines Saving Lives with Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron [audio]

Yehudit Tayar, an emergency first-responder for Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron, joins Josh Hasten and shares her thoughts on saving lives during this current wave of Jihadist violence on this weeks "Israel Uncensored."

Israel Uncensored: Coalition Conundrum [audio]

Gil Hoffman joins Josh Hasten on today's Israel Uncensored on The Land Of Israel Network to discuss the complicated political realities as the Israeli Knesset begins its summer session.

Israel Uncensored: The Jewish Nation Remembers Dr. Irving Moskowitz Z”L [audio]

Remembering Dr. Irving Moskowitz Z"L today on Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten. He was arguably one of the greatest Jewish philanthropists of the past generation donating to a slew of worthy causes throughout Israel. Dr. Irving Moskowitz's generosity in enhancing life for the Jewish People in the Land of Israel was bar none.
Israel Uncensored: Jihadist Terror Strikes

Israel Uncensored: Jihadist Terror Strikes [audio]

What is the boiling point for Israel’s leaders before taking more meaningful steps to weed out the terror carried out by those living under the PA? On today’s Israel Uncensored Joshua Hasten discusses this latest evil.

Israel Uncensored: When it Comes to Israel, Trump is the Pick [audio]

Josh Hasten speaks with Marc Zell, Co-chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, was originally highly skeptical of Donald Trump, but now believes Trump is the clear choice for President when it comes to Israel’s interests.
Israel Uncensored: Showing Congress Judea and Samaria

Israel Uncensored: Showing Congress Judea and Samaria [audio]

She brings top US officials to Israel and takes them on tours all over Israel so that they can see all the issues up close and personal and formulate opinions for themselves. Joshua Hasten interviews Ruth Jaffe Lieberman Founder of "The Yes! Israel Project" today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: The Importance of Living in The Land of Israel [audio]

Dedicated to bringing lost Jews home to Israel. He has co-authored a book about the importance of living in the Land of Israel.Today on Israel Uncensored Joshua Hasten interviews Michael Freund Director of Shavei Israel.

Israel Uncensored: Thanks for the Aid, But No Thanks [audio]

Are we on the verge of signing a historic Memorandum of Understanding which would include a US military aid package of $38 billions? Is it smart to rely on the US for military aid? Josh Hasten argues that Israel needs to start relying on others less, and on itself more when it comes to defense technologies and hardware on this weeks Israel Uncensored on The Land of Israel Network.

Israel Uncensored: Not Just Surviving but Thriving in Judea and Samaria [audio]

Tomorrow is the Knesset celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Judea and Samaria. Joshua Hasten interviews Elie Pieprz Director of International Affairs at the Yesha Council on today's Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Jerusalem Heritage House Inspires All Types of Jews [audio]

The Jerusalem Heritage House runs a hostel which serves as a home away from home for college students and lone soldiers. Joshua Hasten interviews Rabbi Ben Packer, Director of Jerusalem Heritage House, today on Israel Uncensored.
Israel Uncensored: What Does US Strike on Syria Mean for Israel?

Israel Uncensored: What Does US Strike on Syria Mean for Israel? [audio]

Over the weekend US President Trump fulfilled his promise of targeting Assad-regime chemical facilities in response to an attack on Syrian civilians. How will that move impact Israel? Joshua Hasten speaks with Anna Ahronheim, Military and Defense Correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day Experienced in Israel Like Nowhere Else [audio]

On today's special edition of Israel Uncensored recorded from Jerusalem on Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day, Josh Hasten interviews Dr. Efraim Zuroff - Chief Nazi Hunter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


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