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Diaz-Balart: You talked, Dana, to some of these French Muslims who say this was all a conspiracy. What do they mean?

Kennedy: Well, I went out to what they call the suburbs of France which are not what Americans think of as the suburbs, really the housing projects they’re outside Paris and there are a couple of areas inside Paris where a lot of poor Muslims live. I talked to cross section of mainly French Algerian young men who said to me it was pretty much they felt the attacks were actually a conspiracy by the Jews to make Muslims look bad. One person told me that in fact they weren’t just regular Jews that were doing this, in fact they were a race of magical Jews, shape shifting Jews, master manipulators that could be everywhere at the same time.


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  1. So, now Jews are being accused of witchcraft? How much more blood libel do we need to put up with and why don’t these POS take responsibility for what their narrow minded religion teaches them. Surely reading from one book all your life has to limit your brain power!

  2. She just reported some outrageous accusations the Muslims expressed depicting Jews in an almost demonic manner and they totally gloss over that , especially the anchorman, as if it were something normal, he explains it away as a form or understandable desperation! At least she made an attempt to explain their situation as not that desperate looking. But they both ignored what these "punks" said about the Jewish conspiracy!

  3. This dumb ass also said the attacks in France were a Mossad ‘red flag’ operation. Now she is claiming ‘shape shifting’.? Then I read that a South American President adopts a Jewish boy to prove he wouldn’t change into a werewolf. Is this really a thing? These kinds of people are nuts.

  4. muslims in france need to be drug tested a.s.a.p. and given full mental health assessments,these malicious and defamitory attacks on the jewish people must stop now, and those who spread these anti-semitic lies must be punished harshly and made an example of, we dont need these racist lies in the west, and if muslims are that mentally unstable that they cannot or will not accept responsibility for what they have done then they need to be perminately incaserated

  5. They mentioned him at the Grand synagogue of Paris and Netanyahu separated islamic fanatics from respectful muslims in his speech saying they are not the same. If the story is true they will award him like other non jews have been awarded for helping us in history.

  6. Yeh shape shifting is speciality of middle aged Jewish matrons like self. At least a dress size over the High Holidays! Seriously though how can you do business with a mentality like that. Seventh century just about sums it up!

  7. Omg. Did they see it in their own eyes? Better if they consult a psychiatrist on that they began hallucinating, is that being thought on them…. Actually its in their way, they are given the privilege to take off their culture to dress like the people in the society their in to. For good purpose its not a problem but in evil purpose its,a traitor job and a traitor is of evil….

  8. Well, our right-wingers believe in magical shape-shifting Muslims, and they believe Obama can travel through time and cause things to happen before he became president, so we're even.

  9. I agree that she smirked practically the whole time,actually. She seemed to think the acusations were preposterous but my point was it was not discussed as such largely due to the obviously rabidly liberal anchorman.

  10. Reminds me of the Jewish man who read a lot of anti-Semitic material. When asked why, he said he enjoyed hearing about how Jews controlled everything in the world. If only it were true, all of our problems could disappear.

  11. arabs only say what suits their purpose not what they really think. Only a fool would believe what arabs say and I am sure this journalist knows that too since they lie to everybody since years! Either this journalist comes from planet mars or she too wants to sell us crap and make money with it…

  12. Moritz :why do you think the mufti of Jerusalem went along so well with hitler who adored islam? of course mein kampf and quran are similar! arabs and nazis are similar what has changed is the struggle power which fortunately to my thinking is at Israel's advantage which was not the case of course in the 30s!

  13. Oh! Smurfs! I've heard of those! If I may pose one question: why would omnipotent, mind-reading beings, Kosher or not…that are also omnipresent…need to bug your insignificant ass for any reason whatsoever? They'd be existing on their higher plane of reality or whatever, not trying to hang around and sniff your boxers.

  14. How can anyone really know what we are up against when everyone keeps saying there is a" small amount "of RADICAL Islamic terrorists out there, most are law abiding. That can be true…but the amount of radicals is a small amount compared to the 3 Billion in the world…but that small % now is 25…which is over 750 MILLION RADICALS!!! Really….a small number….are these reports total morons!!

  15. Every morning I wake up and wonder who that old man is in the mirror. Is that what they mean?

    These people are as delusional as birthers in the US…just slightly more dangerous.

  16. First of all, this is just an excerpt from the original report. Second of all, the fact that a good chunk of Paris suburbs, home of recent violent riots, are populated by nutters is a legitimate thing to report in the context of what's going on.

  17. Reminds me of the Arab politicians and pundits after 9-11 who were saying it had to be a Jewish conspiracy b/c the Muslims / Arabs weren't smart / sophisticated enough to pull something like that off.

  18. Look guys, you are all getting really riled up about the 'magical shape-shifting Jews' comment. It is FREE SPEECH remember?! You all stood up for it last week, so let the Muslim idiots say what they want. I for one am proud to be a magical shape shifting Jew, and for punishment I will not share my powers with you. Why, I even got my husband to put out the rubbish bin. That's power! And please can you not call Muslims by animal names, it is such an insult to all animals!!

  19. The world HAS TO WAKE UP! It does not mater where the Muslims are from nor where they live are still divided into their commitments to their religion, however they are all being brain washed or brought up from cradle with one thing in mind and that is the scripture of the Koran to kill the Infidels. Meaning that anyone that does not fully believe in the sharia laws and practice them each end every day, are simply Infidels and need to be eliminated. The sooner the world wakes up that this is the reality and then acts accordingly by putting them back in their place, the more chance will be there to to bring the world safe.

  20. how stupid is this reporter to report on, as she says, one muslim who claims there is a special race of shape shifting Jews ? at some point as a reporter aren't you supposed to be responsible and say to yourself.. hmm,, this person is crazy and I'm not going to repeat that comment unless more than one dumb muslim repeats the quote at a different time or place. where the fk is her brain ?

  21. it is magical muslims that turn into magical shape sifting jews , who the turn themselves into regular looking muslims and then attack and then turn themselves into Obama and try to use executive powers , until shifting into Sean Hannity, just in time to pretend to be fair and unbalanced.

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