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Nearly half of Americans have a favorable view of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, matching the previous high registered in polls taken by Gallup.

The polling company reported that its latest survey shows 45 percent of respondents have a favorable view of the Prime Minister, while only 24 percent have an unfavorable opinion. As of last November, only 44 percent of Americans had a favorable view of President Barack Obama, and a recent poll showed that 35 percent of Americans think he does not love his country.


The poll’s result was the most positive response to Netanyahu since 1998, when he also enjoyed a 45 percent favorable rating, 10 points higher than in 2012.

“Fewer Americans have no opinion of Netanyahu today than did so in 2012, with 31% vs. 41%, respectively, either saying they are unsure or have never heard of him,” according  to the annual Gallup World Affairs poll that was conducted Feb. 8-11.

Gallup added:

But even if Netanyahu has seen his relationship with the White House deteriorate, it appears to have had no impact on his standing with the American people.

The survey also showed sharp differences in the views of Netanyahu when respondents were identified by political parties. He won a 60% positive view among Republicans, but only 31% among Democrats, with the same percentage having an unfavorable view of him.

“The political tension felt in the nation’s capital has not hurt Netanyahu’s image with the American public at large,” Gallup stated. “Americans see him about as favorably today as they did at any of the six measurements Gallup has taken since 1996. The dust-up with the White House may have won Netanyahu more independent and Republican admirers while at the same time not costing him Democratic support.”



  1. polls lie.. and i think this one does too.. i know many pro israeli people and out of about 15 1 likes him.. the others think he is what he is.. a war criminal and one who is trying to provoke another war.. get us in a war.. why should our young men die to help them? and help them what? occupy, terroize, murder, and torture the less fortunate country

  2. How exactly does a poll “lie?”. I can counter your assertion and say I also know many pro-Israelis and can say that I know about 2/3 of them like Netanyahu. So I guess it’s all about who you associate with. 66% is much more realistic than your 7%. Also a recent Gallup poll shows that roughly 70% of Americans strongly support Israel.

  3. A survey conducted by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) during October-December 2014, and funded by the European Union, shows that Palestinians who work in Israel or Israeli settlements are paid more than double the wage of Palestinians working in the PA-governed areas of the West Bank. In Israel and Israeli settlements, the average daily wage for Palestinians was 194.2 shekels during the period surveyed, while Palestinians working in the PA in the West Bank only earned 91.4 shekels daily. The average wage for Palestinians working for Israelis was triple that of those employed in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, who made only 66.1 shekels daily.

  4. two thirds of those spoken to. that i won’t argue.. But go into an Israeli community and u will get that.. go to a muslim community and u won’t.. poll dems seperately from repukeagains and u get two totally different views.. sorry u r invalid

  5. He has come a very long way to WARN America. God has raised up prophets in the past to go forth and warn people of a certain destruction coming upon there land and I believe Benjamin Netanyahu is our prophet to America from God its what we do with that warning that counts,it may be our last.Thank you Benjamin Netanyahu for being the strong caring leader that you are, God has his hand on you and your family, and mighty angels are going before you everywhere you me you have the prayers of thousands and thousands of Christians. Not just here in the United States but all over the world. We say Shalom and Welcome to America.

  6. I've been saying the same thing the polls show for months. Netanyahu 's primary concern is Israel's existence and safety. The fact he is willing to take the heat for doing so – only makes him that much more admired.

  7. Gallup has Netanyahu at 45% favorable and Obama at 47% favorable in its most recent polls. Boehner is at a whopping 32% favorable (and 50% unfavorable).

    Netanyahu hitched his wagon to the wrong horse. I suspect that he realized that; hence the much less hostile rhetoric in the past few days. (It also probably helped that Kerry gave a presentation before the UN HCR that Netanyahu could have written and both Power and Rice made big pro-Israel speeches at AIPAC.)

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