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Former MK Moshe Feiglin, one of the 0.3 percent of Jews who visited the Temple Mount last year.

A few hundred people and I packed the Knesset’s downstairs auditorium on Sunday to learn more about Jewish history and Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount, as well as a vision for Jerusalem’s future.

The Temple Mount is going mainstream, and I had to pull a few strings to get into the seminar, while Deputy Knesset Speaker Moshe Feiglin had to scramble to reserve a much larger room, after an unexpected 600 people registered for the conference.


The program’s MC was former MK, Professor Aryeh Eldad, one of the founder of Professors for a Strong Israel, and the subject of the Temple Mount was treated with the intellectual rigor one would expect when scholarly heavyweights all sit in a room together discussing their most passionate subject.

Moshe Feiglin kicked off the session, calling on the government to apply Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount, and stop the discrimination, harassment and humiliation of Jews who want to go up and visit.

Feiglin linked our lack of application of sovereignty on the Mount directly to the world’s lack of respect for Israel. The message was, “When we safeguard our rights, the world respects that.”

Ambassador Dr. Allen Baker spoke about the status of the Temple Mount in International law and on the legal aspects of Israeli sovereignty.

Most disconcerting was Dr. Gabi Barkai’s overview of the archaeological damage purposely done by the Waqf on the Temple Mount, in their attempts to completely erase Jewish history from the location.

Barkai discussed the quarter million volunteers who worked for years sifting through the Temple Mount dirt the Waqf excavated and unceremoniously dumped in the Kidron Valley.

The photos of the artifacts found, going back thousands of years, attesting to the Jewish (as well as other’s) presence on the Temple Mount was incredible, and if this was information found from an emergency rescue operation on piles of dumped dirt, imagine what must be there, and worst, what must have been permanently lost and destroyed.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar finished off the morning discussing the historical, religious and political connections that Islam has with Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Kedar showed how Islam has no intrinsic religious connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, from their own writings.

Kedar focused on Islam’s inherent inferiority complex, and how it repeatedly showed up in their own theological discussions. From the beginning, Islam was not sure if it is an authentic religion or merely a cheap doppelganger of Judaism, from which it co-opted so much.

In a way, this is very similar to Christianity’s fundamental theological dilemma caused by the rebirth of the state of Israel, which they also believe should never have happened and creates for them significant theological dissonance.

Islam needs, not only a failed Judaism and failed Jewish people, but it needs to actually supplement the Jewish People’s history in its entirety, which for example is why they claim Yishmael was on the altar, and not Yitzchak, why they claim Jesus was a Palestinian, and of course, why they destroy Jewish relics and history on the Temple Mount.

For Islam, the Temple Mount has no religious or political significance in of itself, and in fact, Kedar brought earlier writings from Islamic religious and political leaders showing the lack of significance Jerusalem has to them.

But once the Jews were revived as a people, once Judaism showed it wasn’t supplemented by Islam, Jerusalem, and especially the Temple Mount take on tremendous significance.

Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount, more than anything else, strikes at Islam’s oldest and greatest fear.

Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount means Judaism is true, which then means Islam is false.

It is a religious war for them.

Their entire religion’s validity relies on Judaism’s defeat. That is why we are the enemy, and that is why they can’t even allow Jews onto the Temple Mount to pray.

But even after this conference, I think the question still remains: Why is the state of Israel so afraid to apply sovereignty over Judaism’s most holiest site, and practically speaking, what can we do about it?



  1. It is unfortunate that you do a dis-service to your readers by selectively reporting only about the speakers of that conference with whom you may agree and ignoring the speakers who presented different views

  2. The biggest mistake Israel has made is giving control of the TEMPLE MOUNT back after the 1967 war. GOD has said that the Jews were to have the land of ISRAEL. Not just “part of it”. Giving back GAZA cost SHARON the end of his life.
    Don’t your leaders read your Bibles? GOD has spoken and you’ve seen what HE has done throughout history.

    TAKE BACK THE TEMPLE MOUNT, GAZA and continue to take back ALL OF WHAT GOD gave to ABRAHAM.

    DON’T try to please anyone but HIM. Go get your land back, all of it.

  3. On the contrary: Christians who know their Bible not only rejoice in Israel’s rebirth as a fulfillment of many scriptures, but many, many, expect Israel to rebuild the Temple, and would rejoice over Jewish sovereignty. The ideas Kedar suggests about Christian response were, unfortunately, true in the past, but have been pretty much put out to pasture in the Church in many countries.I apologize for Christians everywhere.. But God says Jews are His first born, and we younger siblings have come to finally recognize and respect that, and so many of us enthusiastically support the nation of Israel and all the rights which He has given you, including sovereignty over the Temple Mount.

  4. Who is the owner of these sites? We know ADONAI owns everything but He did give the taking care of the earth and everything on it to mankind. Now the sites in Israel, who have they been linked to over time. Any treaties or agreements or anything won in war. Take a little digging and excavating along with a good know in history and war acts to clear the air here. By the way, we had the same problems in my country and finally it got straightened out and it took years to do so. We are finally getting along for the most part and no more battles over this site or that one. Can be done. We have overcome. You can too. In G-D We Trust.

  5. I love this wise man, Mr, Kedar knows everything about the Muslim world and their religion, he speaks their language well and he asked an important question” Why the Temple Mount in the hand of the enemy”?

  6. The US Military is NOT just “gentiles”, Jews serve in it as well. BTW, I have seen this statement on white supremist lists such as stormfornt, David Duke, etc., talking JUST LIKE YOU HAVE JUST DONE, is that your agenda? I am shocked to see it on here! If you are Christian, why are you insulting Jews and Israel on here?

  7. Joniferris, I am fefinately not a white supremist although I can see them saying tha. I am an Italain born of Italain blood , one American generation on my mothers side. I detest white supremist, hatred and bigotry but I was also very much hated on rhis site for being a Catholic, so I too lashed back. Actually as a Christian we do believe Israel was Gods chosen people

  8. But I too felt like imhad a taste of the days my savior lived in 2000 years ago which makes his love seem so strong to me even unto his death. As a Catholic, unlike the Jews I encounter , we are to love all mankind. The one commandement t I

  9. The one commandment that Jesus taught was to love one another as Godmhas loved you. When I see so called Christians bash out at me personally as serving Satan its very hurtful

  10. I read the concerns of an older Jewish man wno said these kids needed to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. You could feel the distraught in his heart when he wrote.l.this is not who we are. And very worried that there will be anri Jewish backlash from it, that it caused great harm for Jews living peacefully as Americans. But ther will always be a bigot raise its ugly head, thats for certain. As a Catholic Christian I have been taught to always love and back the Jewsl

  11. For more than 1800 years after the Second Temple was destroyed, all the top rabbis, sages and scholars decided that the Jewish people had to wait for the divinely mandated time to ascend the 150,000 sq.m. platform again. It was only after the later Zionist forays into the Holy Land post 1890 that such ideas rose again, and accelerated after 1967. (One of Moshe Dayan’s best decisions was to not demolish the Golden Dome and/or Al Aqsa Mosque when he had the chance in early June 1967. Why ?

    Because the site should be a redemptive, i.e. counter-balancing space for all of humankind.) It is also a furphy to say that Maimoinides quiet, exploratory visit to the dilapidated site in the late 1100’s somehow justifies people of today forcing the issue. Correct management of the site requires real sensitivity, intelligence and skill. Thus the site really is crown land reserved for a very special crown.

    One of the wisest of all people wrote a key prophecy circa 940 bce that relates to today’s world…

    “I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, until he please.”

    – Song of Solomon 8:4

    It is one of the most mystical and least understood parts of the Tanach. Debate has raged between various sages for centuries about its meaning. What it does mean is that pushing one of the m. imperatives before its time will prove counterproductive. As Ecclesiastes states “There is a time and place for everything under the sun”.

    Also the issue about Jewish prayer on the 150,000 sq.m. trapezoid platform is not cut and dried. It is all about nuance. I am convinced that Moses in his early days employed a prayer form based on quiet reflection and contemplation. Ritualised prayer is of benefit to many people because it helps them get in the swing of things so-to-speak. e.g. Some Jews rock back and forth, some even prostrate themselves (See the 1900 painting by French artist James Jacques Joseph Tissot of Moses and Joshua bowing before the Ark, which is almost identical to how Muslims bow in prayer.) Christians hold their hands together. Sikhs don’t pray in any particular direction. etc. etc. But I am getting off track slightly here by talking about the idea of “All people turning to the one G-d” idea, which is a subject for another day.

  12. ALL these things are happening to build up to the final fulfilment of the prophesies of the bible, culminating in the return of Ha Meshiach the messiah. Read Daniel 11 and 12, Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 11 etc etc G-d Intends to show the world that he is G-d and Israel his chosen people. What is Prophesied will come to pass.

  13. When Jews go on a Jewish site, many do not want to hear about a Christian saviour, so maybe that is why the Jews you encounter on here do not want to hear about it.

  14. I originally got on this site to keep upmwith what the Jews were tninking avout my papa while he was in Israel. I feared great haem would come to home. And if it did in Israel the reprocussions would be worldwild against the Jews. Thats a definate. But I find this sight enlightning since I see inside the Jewish hearts, not all of course, the people im suppose to love and stand behind. And there were a lot of very nasty remarks from Christian jews. Not worshipping your faith anymore.

  15. “When we safeguard our rights, the world respects that.” I wish they would have remembered that when idiot Carter coerced the Israeli PM into giving Mt. Sinai back to Egypt after it was conquered in the 6-day war. It showed weakness never attributed to the Jews before. I mean really, when God gives you land should you be giving it to someone else? Especially for the peace that still eludes them. Father God, turn the hearts of the people of Israel to trust in the name of the Lord for deliverance-not in the “chariots and horses” of their military might. (Zechariah 4:6)

  16. God made Israel His wife. I can’t think of a safer place on the planet, Donna. When their wrath is kindled against her, the waters will not overwhelm her. God will not give her as prey to their teeth. (Psalm 124) Father God, we pray that the three spiritual forces of humanism, Marxist socialist philosophy, and the spiritual inheritance of the Ottoman Empire will be broken and rendered powerless. In Jesus name, Amen.

  17. Well if you believe in prophesy..Jews will omce again ne persecuted. Not like the holocaust bit the world will turn on them. Then a great war will come to past in the middle east and many will die. But God will come and save those left.

  18. That has already happened with the Holocaust. WW2 and 60 million dead was the great war, are heading for the end of days in which the nations will be held accountable for their actions in trying to take Israel away from the Jews who were ingathered. That is very obvious from what is going on now. However, when the nations attempt it Hashem will intervene and bring it all to and end and peace will result. It is then that the House of Hashem will be rebuilt as a House of Prayer for Alll People!

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