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Trending on social media, the hashtag translated as "#IAmKnife," in praise of weapon used to attack Israelis in Tel Aviv on Jan. 21, 2015.

On Wednesday, Jan. 21, an Arab terrorist from Tulkarem, boarded a public bus during the morning rush hour and viciously stabbed a dozen Israelis. Several people remain in critical condition.

The bus driver, Herzl Biton, was stabbed multiple times as he bravely fought back against the attacker. He was in a medically-induced coma, as was another victim, but Biton today regained consciousness.


The terrorist was shot in the leg by prison guards when he rushed off the bus. The prison guards happened to be driving on the same road and saw the bus weaving suspiciously. The terrorist was taken to an Israeli hospital for treatment and will be charged.

The hatred of Israelis, of Jews, has become such a public experience, that people on social media appropriated the recent homage to those murdered at the French satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine, “#JeSuisCharlie, and created their own version: #JeSuisCouteau, which means “I Am Knife.”

The people using this hashtag, frequently accompanied by grotesque cartoons of stabbed Jews or glorifying pictures of knives, are celebrating the vicious attack on Jews.

What follows are many examples of the tweets and Tumblr posts glorifying the weapon used to attack Israelis.



This tweeter catalogues the recent explosion in use of everyday weapons used to try and murder Israelis.

This tweeter writes, in French, “with pleasure.”

Some people have gone on the counterattack, and are using hashtags such as #JeSuisTelAviv and #JeSuisJuif.



  1. Those who live by the sword or knife will die by the sword or knife> This is of little comfort to the victims of those who are victim of such attacks but it is a warning to those who plan or are planning such attacks against Gods chosen people.

  2. President Obama says that they (Muslims), are a religion of Love and Peace… That if we use the term Muslim or Islamic in connection with these acts, then we are suffering from (Islamophobia) yes, that is now a word! Until we can identify which would entail labeling or calling a spade a spade where these murderers get their Jihad on; it will be extremely difficult to snuff out this out of control international fire. I guess since the bus driver was stabbed on the bus while working the pundits enslaved to political correctness can label this as workplace violence like the lady in Oklahoma who had her head cut off at the office last month, while the peace loving man screamed it was for Allah! Or the Ft Hood Shooter who gunned down several soldiers in cold blood also screaming for Allah! Just keep drinking the Kool-Aid, Liberals…

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