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Beth Israel Synagogue in West Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 'leave Canada' graffitied on its walls

Over this weekend, antisemitic messages, including ‘Leave Canada,’ were spray-painted on a synagogue in Alberta, Canada.

The messages were found Saturday, Jan. 24, on the side of the Beth Israel Synagogue, located in the Oleskiw neighborhood of West Edmonton.


Police said the building was tagged in purple paint using block letters approximately one foot in size, reported the Global News of Canada.

“A number of the congregants were quite distraught, having seen the graffiti on their way into the synagogue. They alerted me to it and, of course, I was shocked and devastated as well,” said Rabbi Daniel Friedman.

“We know that this is not typical of our Canadian brothers and sisters, most of whom share our Canadian values of openness and tolerance,” the rabbi said. But, he added, “the synagogue has been fire-bombed and attacked with hateful words in the past.”

location of Beth Israel Synagogue, in West Edmonton, Alberta province, Canada

“No organization, establishment or individual should be victim to this type of crime. We are actively working with the synagogue and community partners to bring resolution to this incident,” said Cst. Daniel Woodall with the Edmonton Police Service Hate Crime Detail.

A nearby Sikh place of worship had similar noxious graffiti scrawled on its wall last week.



  1. Get a weapon, guns are preferred, and defend yourselves…Canada has invited the enemy into the country as have the mindless 'liberal/progressives' elsewhere and including the US…defend yourselves from this evil enemy or die. Nothing good has ever come out of islam and it is just as described by Sir Winston Churchill: "…islam in a human is as bad as rabies in dogs!" And as we all know here, any attack that doesn't kill us only goes to make us stronger.

  2. And as Jews flock to Israel by the thousands, more homes must be found for them, thereby causing more displacement of those who have illegally built, and more resentment and anger. One would almost think it a deliberate plan to focus international bias against Israel.

  3. well now..The Jewish families that were threatened by these hideos words have been here longer than those ungrateful immigrants from the middle east so I say to them, you leave go back to where you came from..I hope they find you and deport you to an island somewhere with no water..and some pigs..

  4. All western nations were peaceful and giving until muslims moved in. Every other ethnicity immigrated to western countries and fit in well with no issues. But these bastards cause trouble worldwide. Then they have the nerve to say they are the victims. Don't let them lay a guilt trip on you. We've been far more tolerant than they deserve and they took advantage of our kindness. No more.

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