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Geller points out that in order to be a racist, you have to be opposed to a particular group of people, and asks, “What race is ‘jihad terror against innocent civilians?'”

Involved in communications for most of her adult life, Geller worked in publishing at The New York Daily News and became the assistant publisher of The New York Observer.  After 9/11 she began learning as much as she could about the kind of people who would commit such acts.


In late 2004, Geller began her blog, Atlas Shrugs, which, over time, developed into one of the most visited and active single-author political websites on the Internet.  Her name became well known in connection with her efforts, along with many others, to stop what was known as the Ground Zero Mosque from being built near where the World Trade Center Towers were destroyed, which she refers to as “hallowed ground.”  She also received widespread media coverage for her support of Rifqa Bary, a teenage girl who had converted from Islam to Christianity and in 2009 ran away from her home in Ohio, fleeing to the home of a Christian pastor and his wife in Florida.

The mother of four daughters, Geller was born, raised and lives in New York.

When asked by The Jewish Press what it is she most wants people to learn from her anti-Jihad ads, and her experiences in fighting to get them aired, she said: “Rewarding Islamic violence, intimidation and brutality sanctions the motive and emboldens jihad.”

Pamela Geller on CNN: Erin Burnett cuts segment at Hamas-CAIR description, Audio secretly taped:


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