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Sec. of State John Kerry (D-Mass.)

Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate foreign relations committee, arrived in Cairo Tuesday evening, as part of his tour of the region, to hold talks with Egyptian officials about the “democratic transformation” of Egypt, according to the Kuwaiti news agency KUNA. Kerry and his Egyptian hosts will be discussing the presidential elections due late in May, and the conflicts in the region, including Syria, the Sudan and Israel.

According to Al Ahram, Senator Kerry and US Ambassador to Cairo Ann Patterson will meet with Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate and head of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Mohamed Mursi, at the FJP headquarters on Wednesday.


The FJP, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, came into being following the January 25 Egyptian revolution. Until then, the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest and most powerful Islamist organization, was not only prevented from forming a party, but was legally barred from political life altogether. The group paid a heavy price in incarcerations and persecution under the rule of deposed President Hosni Mubarak.

Khaled Kazzaz, an FJP member of Egypt’s foreign relations committee, told Al Ahram, “The visit comes in the context of the US government’s concern over Egypt’s democratic transition, witnessing the evolution of the political scene in the transitional phase, becoming familiar with the FJP’s presidential candidate and reviewing the renaissance project.”

Kerry’s last visit to Cairo was in early December. In their meeting then with the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, Brotherhood officials vowed to respect civil rights and international treaties, attempting to allay fears that the Islamist organization would revoke Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel.

In that vein, the FJP’s website on April 22 cited Dr. Morsi on the peace treaty with Israel “should his bid be successful in Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections.”

Dr. Morsi said that “Egypt is a great country, with honorable history and important international relations and diplomatic representation all over the world. A democracy’s institutions oblige the President to be representative of all Egyptians and to also respect agreements and conventions of the Egyptian state with the rest of world States.”

But on April 20, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Gomaa Amin said that Egypt’s Grand Mufti’s visit to Jerusalem was unacceptable “because Jerusalem is under occupation. There is an almost unanimous consensus on banning all visits until Jerusalem is free again.”

Amin declared that “the Grand Mufti has violated the emotional perspective of Muslims. Pope Shenouda III had emphasized this ban for our Christian brothers and sisters, against visiting Jerusalem under occupation. So, it certainly is unacceptable for the Mufti to visit the Holy City at this time.”



  1. Kerry is a Useful Idiot as defined by Lenin, and a handy tool of the Muslim Brotherhood who will use him to gain legitimacy. Don't forget who founded the the Muslim Brotherhood (Ayman Al Zawahiri). And what they did to Anwar El Sadad.

  2. In an excerpt from the Mass Senators speech: "First of all I would like to thank myself for being here tonight. You do know that having me here is the best way for you Brothers to know who and what I am all about. Any question should be directed to my Washington Office Address or my Yacht in Rhode Island".

  3. It seems BOTOX has gotten the better of him and whatver mind anyonw thought he had. Is he there to extend the welcoming hand to the Muslim Brotherhood as the "saviors" of Egypt as they careen down the road to the fundamentalist cesspools that already provide terrorists and death to the region?

  4. Waste your time! With Islamist brotherhood in Shariah Law does not exist democracy!
    Democracy is Western Culture, not Muslim culture, Their culture is Shariah Law ONLY! – YOU WILL NOT CHANGE MUSLIMS COUNTRIES! NEVER! When will you Democrats or Republican learn?

  5. If you know a way to create barbaric, unstable, war-hungry nations that make easy targets that is better than encouraging unchecked Islamic theocracy provides, we would all like to hear it. Otherwise, let the unending and subsidy-rich battle for worthless Third-World dust continue.

  6. I'm astonished that politicians in America are so imbecilic when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Do they think muslims tell the truth? Do they even know what taquiyya is?
    Have they ever opened a history book?
    Pray for Israel. Pray for the USA.
    This is not just disturbing, it's suicidal.

  7. What a massive GLOBAL JOKE! Are the people of the world really as stupid and liberal minded as American leftist leaders think they are? Does anyone who actually breaths, really believe that Egypt is going to become a true democracy? And yet these idiot Democrats are doing everything possible to make us all think that it's real. For the sake of being honest guys; please give it up! You people are embarrassing yourselves terribly!

  8. Once John Kerry begins telling the story how he won three purple hearts, had Christmas in Cambodia, and testified against the US involvement in Vietnam, the Muslim Brother will do anything to get him out of the room.

    Kerry sees the handwriting on the wall that by engaging with the Muslim Brotherhood, he'll have a chip in the game whatever happens in November.

    Truth is the American people aren't fooled by his antics and after November, he'll be just another democratic functionary who'll slip into obscurity like he did 2004 and 2008.

  9. But Democrat collaborators don't care. So long that is, they are gaining something from it. I think secretly what Egypt is going to have is exactly what they want us to become. It makes ruling just sooooo much easier for them.

  10. It takes a buffoon like John Kerry to label the hijacking of the leadership in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood as a 'Democratic Transformation".
    How can the world take America seriously with such examples of idiocy representing her?

  11. Why do we have a Senate Foreign Relations Committee? I would have thought that this would be the job of the State Department. You know, the people appointed/confirmed as the Head of State?

    Isn't Senator Lurch (my pet name for Kerry) overdue to latch onto another rich heiress?

  12. I think I'm going to PUKE. The Marxist Left has turned into America's enemies and a party of Traitors. And this, after Obama has hosted Ramadam dinner in the white House for Muslim Terrorists Orgs, like the Muslim Brotherhood.

  13. Time will tell how well this democratic transformation plays out in Egypt.

    Hmm, I wonder if Kerry had any relatives glad-handing the future leaders of 1932 Germany?

  14. JOHN KERRY affectionately known as ''LURCH'' can't be trusted, with a picture of him hanging in an museum in HO CHI MIN city wouldn't surprise me a bit, has secret deal with the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD from HILLARY CLINTON and or the POTUS OBAMA I don't look for an ''democratic governmen''t in EGYPT, history suggests a much harsh rule, more like an dog&pony show, for the gullible, ISRAEL knows what's going on, an she should be very concerned.

  15. Obama and Kerry are wooing the Muslim vote. Obama effectively gave the brotherhood a 1.5 billion dollar campaign contribution… and now he is declaring the "war on terror" over and that we can "be friends" with the Taliban. The Taliban are like Puritans with rocket launchers, only without the benefit of a strong Western cultural influence… leave them to their ways we can figure out better ways to deliver central Asian energy resources to Western markets…

  16. So that idiot kerry, another individual that ducks taxes (BIG SAILBOAT), lies like a dog, has taken a worthless trip on the taxpayer just like his "spend it while you can leader" to do absoutely nothing worthwhile but bask in the glory of his own media sensationalism while he travels to the next great opportunity of a democratic country doomed to failure if they try. WHY CAN THIS COUNTRY NOT INSTALL SINGLE TERM LIMITS & A PART TIME LEGISLATURE? WHY MUST WE SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF THESE MORONIC ASS CLOWNS?

  17. Senator Kerry was also asked to weigh in on the Egyptian farewell sex for deceased love ones law. He had no comment at the time, and we are now awaiting a response from his office after they thoroughly evaluate whether supporting it will get him elected somewhere to some position.

  18. To believe that there is a democratic transformation is taking place in Egypt, one has to believe in unicorns. Barack Obama threw Hosni Mubarak (a friend to America and a person Israel could deal with) under the bus and the result is chaos. There is no good to come of this.

  19. This is a replay of what jimmy carter did by validating the ayatollahs in their "democratic conflict" against the Shah in Iran.

    He sent democrats to make nice with the stone age butchers who took over the country, and then they attacked and held hostage the US embassy staff. Lots of other fun things too.

    And so how are things doing today in Iran jimmy? and fellow democrats?

    That's what Egypt will look like when the "brotherhood" takes over.

  20. The haughty John Kerry (who once served in Vietnam), once again is on the wrong side of history. It will be interesting to see his face once the Muslim Brotherhood wins the presidency and declares the US to be their enemy. It will also be interesting when the abuses of women start coming out of Egypt……Liberal policies always generate the exact opposite results of their stated intentions. This will be no exception.

  21. Negotiating – in discussion with – consulting with – The Muslim Brotherhood! – – – a group formally designated by the STATE DEPARTMENT – UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!

  22. I wonder what its like to be married to someone who has about 5 billion dollars and can and has a job where he can pass laws that mandate how people live their lives. I wonder if the Kerrys pay their fair share. And you liberals think that only Republicans are for the rich, by the way, delve into Pelosi's money making schemes.

  23. Why is John Kerry over there representing our country? He doesn't speak for me. He speaks for the people of Mass. who keep electing this moron to office. Let them suffer because of this buffoon not our country.

  24. Bwaaahahahahaaa… lurch made the news – did he say something catastrophically stupid again or is just looking like a moron enough this time? Hey, they can make him their court jester – he can send for that ignorant tramp he's married too and we can rid ourselves of two simpleton hacks who give s a bad name.l.

  25. Did not "war hero" Kerry attempt the same stunt with the North Vietnamese representatives in Paris as a private citizen upon his release from active duty? With the country facing serious $$$ problems, why is a senator traipsing around the world on our dime sticking his (and the US's) nose in another country's internal politics? Mama T has given him too much leash.

  26. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic extremist group which stands deeply against those whom support Israel and have ties with both the Taliban and key members which have implicated various plots of terrorism – including those which led to the events of 9/11. They are also for spreading the influence of incorporating Sharia Law throughout the world, which ironically discriminates by offering no rights to women or the LBGT community which liberals have strongly supported. Kerry as a liberal courting an organization that stands against everything that his party supposedly represents is blatant hypocrisy. It's a slap in the face to America, women, the LBGT and Jewish community for him to encourage their agenda.

  27. No one in Egypt is interested in any so-called "Democratic transformation". They never were. The idea of an "Arab Spring" was a figment of the imagination of gullible western journalists. Egypt will emerge with the anti-democratic Muslim Borhterhood in charge of a new Sharia dictatorship with less freedom for most Egyptians than under Mubarak and Kerry is too foolish or obtuse to understand that.

  28. Another mouth full of mush spending American taxes for a ride , hope he doesn't apologize for something like all the rest of the dem politicians and then reach for our walletts like it was theirs, Nov. can't come too soon to stop the vomit gushing from the mouths of these politicians.

  29. Kerry is an idiot.
    He's going to get shot by these nuts.
    He has no clue how dangerous his trip is.
    There are people there that are going to try and kill him.
    He's just plain Stupid for going there.

    I just hope I'm wrong.

  30. What is it about Kerry, always wanting to negotiate with the enemy? First it was with Vietnam, now it's with the Muslim Brotherhood. I guess, once a traitor, always a traitor.

  31. By the way, Kerry's GPA at Yale was not as good as that of his Presidential opponent that year George W. Bush. They were both solid C students. And that is the ONLY reason that Kerry would not release his military records until after that election — had nothing to do with wounds or bravery of lack thereof — that record contained his Yale transcript. The Democrats never fail to amuse.

  32. Senators are full of themselves and obtain this bizarre notion that the sun shines out of their rear ends, and hold that only they have some special faculties through which they can save humans from themselves. They jet off to trouble spots around the world, at others' expense, annoy the locals with their "wisdom", then get written up back home in the local rags. So you see, their stateside electorate serves mainly as a steppingstone, nay, gas bottle, to inflate their bloated egos.

  33. So John Anchors Aweigh! Kerry the intrepid dim-glomat is here to save the revolution and keep the Muslim Hoards at bay.
    Not likely this guy is a legend is his own tiny mind, he will add nothing, do nothining because he knows nothing and when he leaves his likely comment I predict will be the situation is more complicated than he thought, he's going to look like he just got run over ONE MORE TIME!
    Same as when he Went to Pakistan to sort out the problems there!
    These halfwit democrats are no use at all, when it comes down to actually doing something and not telling everybody how marvelous they are or firing snide remarks at opponents they are all Sackless!
    Don't forget to stick out your chin and look tough Captain Kerry – Yo ho ho you should be chum!

  34. He constantly showing what kinda halfwits we are up here in Nue-england for voting for Tax dodging limo liberals like the John Ahoy thare matey! Kerry.
    Has he paid his tax'es yet owing on that damn luxury foreign boat he had built some where over sea's
    Next up lying Lear jet filthy rich Lizzi pochahuntas Warren.
    Who was brought up in extreme poverty in a three car family in dust bowl Oklahoma and have walk 14 miles a day to school every day even weekends when there was no school four times a day there and back even at lunch time (she went home lunch) etc blah blah blah blah

    These limo liberals are absolute truth twisters the Reps are bad but not a patch on the Dems the media generally as we now all know do not hold them accountable in the same way they do other political parties.
    It's still all Bushes fault anyhow no matter what mistakes the present shower of S### make.

  35. Is this the person "john kerry" taking hillary place? If it is! this election will be another 2004.."Easily Won" LOL.
    Waffling john kerry- the man without a plan – I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it. LOL
    "Great job Kerry." You just gave obama his walking papers-out the door before 4 more..LOL.

  36. Why do the libs/dems, little barry and the state run media continue to bow to our enemies? What about those 19 Americans being held against their will in Egypt—-is ole swiftboat kerry going to mention that while kissing the butts of the muslim brohood—-Egypt is worse off than before little barry and ole faithful HC entered the picture—and why has Syria fallen off the front pages of the state run media, along with Libya.

  37. Spell check won't let me write Islamo-Fascist. So how does one go about calling these fanatics Islamo-fascists.
    ANSWER: Holy crap, I know I'm going to kick myself for not knowing this.
    QUESTION: Who did George Bush defeat to win his second term in office?

  38. All these lefty tools, including Hillary, Lurch and the entire Democratic party establishment view Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood through the lens of their ideological Holy Grail: cultural and moral relativism. They have no fundamental understanding of Islam or the historical ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood, and show no interest in investigating the subject, lest it conflict with their relativistic preconceptions. They are quite simply fools, and have no idea what evil they are about to unleash upon western civilization. This is a lesson they will learn the hard way, and the whole world will suffer the consequences of their fatuousness.

  39. here we have a turn-coat senator praising terrorists in Cairo; in 1989 kerry and mccain held a senatorial investigation on MIA and POW from Vietnam and they decided that no more POW MIA where in Vietnam; and as soon as they did this their financial supporters open businesses; and POWs and MIAs are still coming out of Vietnam; Kerry is a traitor to every American Military member.

  40. Now that obama the clown has sent his lap dog "Hanoi John" to visit the radical group Muslim Brotherhood I know we will send a few BILLION more to Egypt. Don't worry Michelle "Big Butt" obama will still find a few million to go on another vacation.

  41. It's necessary for him to go to Cairo? How many people traveled with him? If anyone other than he went (from his family or friends group), it ought to be on thier dime. Not ours. Government family's can pay for their own damn vacations. This guy is a putz anyway.

  42. That would be, absolutely nothing! There is nothing about Massachusettes in this trip. And if his family went, he ought to pay up front, their entire costs. I am sick of the perks govt people get, on our dime. They make a career out of it and are ty at their work to boot.

  43. John Kerry "helping" the Muslim Brotherhood find their inner Thomas Jefferson is like John Kerry "helping" the North Vietnam communists find him during his meetings with them in Paris intended to undermine the U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's successful Paris Peace Accords negotiations. How well did that work out for Vietnamese democracy? (2 million massacred, plus "Boat People" and "reeducation camps" added to international lexicon.) Or Laos's democracy? (500,000 massacred, focused entirely on the U.S. allies, the Hmong.) Or Cambodia's democracy? (1 million massacred, plus "Killing Fields" added to lexicon.)

    In fact, come to think of it, it was President Thomas Jefferson's first act in office to initiate actions against the jihadis that precipitated the first war in our nation's history – The Barbary Coast War. So maybe Kerry is doing the OPPOSITE of eliciting democracy when he sticks his Marxist nose into other people's business?

  44. Suggestion, Jews: Stop your suicidal voting for Democrats! As having had only one Jewish parent I apparently was afforded the vision only to vote for Democrats for half of my adult life. (My views had changed by Tianenman Square in 1989 after my last Democrat vote for Michael Dukakis.)

    This predictable electoral march (after march after march) of lemmings maddens me as I watch policy after policy, decision after decision made my Democrats go against what might be narrowly defined as "Jewish interests." And how about this week's nearly $200 million appropriation for your Palestinian neighbors? No doubt that will be spent on textbooks depicting Jews and Palestinians holding hands and singing songs together.

    Is it Stockholm Syndrome? Do you think it's 1964? Is "Never again" to be replaced with "Beat me some more"?

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