Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit
Stolen bee hives recovered by Israeli Border Guard Police

Two wannabe bee keepers had second thoughts after their stolen goods turned on them and gave them reason to regret their actions.

An Israeli Border Guard Police officer driving to his base on Sunday noticed the two suspects by the side of the road near the Eyal Interchange, bickering and batting at each other.


A unit dispatched to the site soon discovered the two thieves had been stung by their hijacked cargo, and were now in the process of desperately trying to remove the bees.

A search of the surrounding area quickly turned up a nearby vehicle belonging to the suspects, with three hives, apparently stolen from Ramat HaKovesh and Nir Eliahu.

The two suspects, residents of Talbieh and both in their 20s, were taken for questioning by the Border Guard Police. One of the suspects was subsequently taken to Meir Hospital for medical treatment due to the bee stings.