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Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture is opening quotas for the import of eggs with exemption from duty to authorized marketers from countries from which the Ministry has approved imports. The ministry stated that it is doing so in order to increase the supply of eggs in Israel and to meet the growing demand for eggs over the Passover holiday.

The ministry said that the opening of imports at this time will allow importers to organize themselves, so that they can import eggs in preparation for the increase in demand for the holiday, as every year.


The use of items like eggs always increases around the time of holidays in Israel as the Jewish holidays are marked by large family celebratory meals. Also, due to the prohibition on eating bread and items baked with flour and so forth on Passover, the consumption of eggs is greatest over that holiday.

In general, the State of Israel produces for itself the vast majority of eggs consumed in the country, amounting to approximately 2.2 billion eggs per year. This year the ministry approved import quotas in the amount of 40 million eggs with exemption from duty, which will increase the local production. Today, egg imports are approved from five countries: Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Poland and Argentina.

According to the estimates of the ministry’s professionals, the importers will only import eggs in accordance with the local demand, as every year, certainly in light of their global price which has risen significantly in recent months.

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