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Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, representing the two suspects who are being indicted Sunday morning in court for the arson murder of a family in the Duma village, issued a message saying the indictment is not the last word in this issue but the opening of a Pandora’s box by the Shabak. Reminding readers of past cases where the Shabak and police failed to solve murders and in one case (Bus 300) became the subject of investigations themselves, Ben-Gvir suggested security services on occasion would “do anything to show they solved a crime, even at the cost of incriminating the innocent.”

“My clients are innocent,” Ben-Gvir stated. “My client Amiram Benoliel never gave a confession to police!!! Only as a result of torture did he break down under Shabak interrogations. If the Shabak claims there was no torture, let them respectfully hand over all the tapes from the Shabak cellars. The minor I represent has also endured severe abuse.”


Ben-Gvir insisted his clients confessed only to stop the torture and abuse they were suffering, and that as a result whatever they said in those confessions is invalid. He suggested that because of the behavior of Shabak staff, “we’ll never know what happened that night in Duma.”


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