Photo Credit: Yael Cohen / TPS
The suspicious car near Neve Tzuf. Oct. 31, 2017

This article has been updated following an initial IDF investigation into the event. The investigation is still ongoing, and the conclusion may still change.

An IDF soldier shot and killed a Palestinian Authority driver on Tuesday morning after the driver drove suspiciously at the soldiers and refused to stop when ordered.


Soldiers at the scene said the car accelerated towards them.

The soldiers, feeling threatened, opened fire at the vehicle.

The car the Palestinian Authority resident was driving had Israeli license plates.

The incident happened on Road 465 near Neve Tzuf, next to Neve Ach”i Square, named after Elad, Chaya and Yossi Solomon, who were massacred in their home by a terrorist who infiltrated into in Halamish. The exact location was on the road between the communities of Neve Ach”i and Tzofit (Halamish).

The driver, age 25, who was shot and neutralized, was initially listed in moderate to serious condition was treated by IDF medics, according to a TPS report.  He has since died in the hospital.

The sister of the driver, who was also in the car, was lightly wounded in the shoulder from the gunfire, and was treated by the Red Crescent.

At this point in the investigation, the IDF no longer believes it was an attempted terror attack as was initially thought, and are investigating why the driver refused to stop and drove suspiciously at the soldiers.

The IDF did not provide any additional information why the PA resident was driving a car with Israeli license plates.

The IDF went on high alert last night, in expectation of an increase in terror attack attempts in response to the Gaza terror tunnel destruction, which killed at least 7 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

This article will be updated as additional information becomes available.

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