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Chairman of the Palestinian Central Election Committee Hana Naser (L), senior political leader of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh (C) and leader of Hamas in Gaza Strip Yahya Sinwar (R) at a joint meeting in Gaza Strip. Gaza, Oct 28, 2019.

While nearly one million Arab residents of Gaza are displaced by war, Hamas’s top leaders and their families have been enriching themselves.

Reports indicate that the Hamas leadership controls an investment portfolio estimated at close to $1 billion dollars and owns assets in Sudan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Algeria, Egypt and other places.


Gaza sources told the Tazpit Press Service Hamas imposes taxes of 20% on goods smuggled from Egypt to the Strip through tunnels. Reports also indicate that Hamas earns an estimated $450 million annually from Gaza’s black market trade.

Iran is believed to provide Hamas leaders with a $100 million expense account.

But three of the terror group’s top figures stand head and shoulders above the rest for amassing personal fortunes in the billions.

Ismail Haniyeh and Family

At the very top is Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ politburo, whose personal fortune is estimated at $4 billion.

Haniyeh mostly divides his time between Qatar and Turkey, periodic visits to Iran and Lebanon.

Sources in Gaza say that the Haniyeh family owns a large number of real estate properties in the Strip, as well as electrical equipment and furniture companies, in partnership with the Shalesh family, which enjoys family ties with Haniyeh.

Haniyeh’s son, Abdel Salam, has drawn criticism for using his position overseeing youth sports to enrich himself. He serves as chairman of the Amuaj Council for Sports and is also a member of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports. Abdel Salam’s ties to Qatar, which hosted the 2022 World Cup, raised further questions.

Abdel Salam also owns numerous properties around Gaza.

He raised Arab ire several years ago for a photograph with his father next to his new luxury car, an advanced Nissan model on the streets of Gaza.

The extended Haniyeh family also has partnerships in concrete factories, stone crushing facilities and a jewelry store.

Khaled Mashaal and His Deputy

Khaled Mashaal, the leader of Hamas abroad and former head of the political bureau, lives in Qatar.

The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Majlah reported in 2021 that Mashaal and his deputy, Musa Abu Marzouk, exploited international aid funds and donations directed to the Gaza. Mashaal used the money to build up a valuable collection of real estate holdings in Egypt, Qatar and the Persian Gulf, while Marzouk now controls 10 large companies that deal in finance.

Both Marzouk, who has a reported personal wealth of $3 billion, and Mashaal, travel widely for Hamas.

Mashaal in recent years has been photographed spending time in gyms, flying in a private jet, and staying in luxury hotels. For all this, the Arab media gave Mashaal the derogatory nickname, “Son Without a Home.”


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