Surge in Aliyah Applications Since War Began

Some 6,500 new immigrants came to Israel since the Hamas massacre.

Absorption Ministry: 494 Physicians and 83 Nurses Made Aliyah in 2023

The average age of physicians who immigrate to Israel is 41.4, and the median age is 37.

Birthright Israel Renewing Trips in January with ‘Security Top Priority’

Come mid-January, prospective participants can initiate their registration for the summer excursions via Birthright Israel's official website.

India’s ‘Lost Jews’ Celebrate Hanukkah

"This Hanukkah, the community unites in prayer, expressing collective hopes for the safety of Israel's soldiers and the secure return of all hostages in Gaza."

First: 215 US, Canada Olim Complete their Aliya Process on the Plane

About a quarter of the Olim on Wednesday’s flight have chosen to volunteer in the IDF.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Holds Homecoming Barbecue for Summer Olim

The special barbecue followed the annual Celebrate Israel Parade in New York City, but no anarchists were present to ruin the fun.

On Holocaust Day 46% of World Jewry Live in Israel; US Figures Hazy

In a 2021 survey, 87% of Holocaust survivors reported they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their lives.

Leftist Hooligans Storm Aliyah Event in Paris

Hani Zubida from Reichman University gloated at the attack.

Nefesh B’Nefesh ‘MedEx’ Streamlines Aliyah Logistics for Medical Professionals

On March 19-20, Medical professionals can take major steps toward transferring their licenses before making Aliyah.

Jewish Agency Chairman Hails Law of Return’s ‘Grandchild Clause’ Despite 72% Non-Jews among Russian...

They’re not our brothers and sisters! With all due respect, they're not our Jewish brothers and sister.

Jerusalem College of Technology Launches Rabbinic Ordination Program for Orthodox Anglos

Israel’s Anglo communities often don't hire rabbis, so JCT aims to revive the position of rabbi as community leader.

Anti-Israel Activists Protest Israel Real Estate Expo in New Jersey

Still, despite the noise and roadblocking outside, Israeli exhibitors told that the event was a success.

Sukkot 5783: Welcome to Armageddon

In these harrowing times, on this holiday of Sukkot, I am happy to be sitting in my balcony sukkah in the safest place on earth

Not Again: Police Harass Jews on Temple Mount (Watch)

Police officers decided to expel the group through the Iron Gate, in the middle of their visit.

350 Jewish Mothers Connect with their Roots in Israel

Throughout the participants’ journey, Israeli mothers serve as a “living bridge” between the State of Israel and the Diaspora.

Nefesh B’Nefesh to Host Online Mega Aliyah and Employment Fair Sunday

The Mega Aliyah Event is open to the public, regardless of age, residence, and level of Aliyah interest.

Knesset About to Vote on Istanbul Convention Trojan Horse that Undermines Israel’s Immigration Policies

Just look at South Tel Aviv today, mired in thousands of illegal aliens, and multiply the number of destitute foreigners.

Global Pesach: Jewish Agency Offers Seders in Ukraine & Ethiopia

The organization will hold several festive ceremonies around the world.

Gush Etzion Tenth Grade Girls Orchestrate Wedding for 2 Olim Converts

"They have pure hearts, a real and profound desire to make others happy, and a special light that radiates from their faces."

Hatzalah Covert Operations Deliver Medicine, Food, Aliyah Papers to Ukrainian Jews

"These undercover deliveries of food and medical supplies to people inside Ukraine are of vital importance and save lives."

Zionism Today: Mikhail Prokhorov (Worth $11.4 Billion) Makes Aliyah

"Kremlin leaders gave him what amounts to an insiders’ opportunity to buy one of the state's most valuable assets."

Israel Tackling ‘Passport Aliyah’ Abuse of Law of Return by American, French, Russian Jews

Many Jews immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return, but do not intend to stay.

Nasa Physicist Makes Aliyah, Delta Airlines Honors Him

Jerry Wittenstein worked with Neil Armstrong at NASA and he just made Aliyah with his wife.

Mazal Tov! Israel to Count 400,000 Russian Gentiles as Jews

As of 2020, the CBS classified 415,147 Israelis as “other.” 8.6% of them declared themselves as "Christian."

Myopic AP Report Equates Precarious Reform Deal with the Kotel’s Future

A decisive majority of American Jews support the adversaries of Israel.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Hosts 250 Lone Soldiers at Thanksgiving Dinner

These Thanksgiving dinners are part of Nefesh B’Nefesh’s return to in-person events, helping Olim acclimate.

Researcher: Close to 100,000 Mixed Marriages with One Jewish Spouse in Israel

The CBS data show that the phenomenon of Jewish women marrying Arab men is marginal.

Dollar Drops to NIS 3.1 – Will It Ever Stop?

It's terrible news for American pensioners living in Israel who rely on their Social Security checks from Uncle Sam.

Lost Tribe of Bnei Menashe Sample their First Gefilte Fish

Some loved the dish, while others politely declared it to be “an acquired taste.”

Record Numbers: 1000 North American Olim Arrive in Israel in August

Since the beginning of the year, 18,520 Olim from around the world have made Aliyah.


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