Photo Credit: Ayman Odeh's Twitter
MK Ayman Odeh with his cup of Ben & Jerry's, July 19, 2021

MK Ayman Odeh who leads the Hadash party and the Joint Arab List on Tuesday tweeted his picture happily munching on Ben & Jerry’s Cone, Sweet Cone flavor ice cream, with the snarky comment: “The diet was going good until now.” What he meant, of course, was that supporting the BDS against Israel was important enough to sacrifice his diet. He probably wasn’t aware that the ice cream he was scarfing down was manufactured by a patriotic Israeli who’s about to lose his franchise over his insistence on selling ice cream in the Jewish settlements.

But then, around 1 PM Wednesday, the spokesperson of the Joint Arab List issued a statement saying Chairman Odeh had been rushed to Maimonides Hospital in Haifa after complaining of abdominal pain.


The statement went on to say that the source of the pain was Odeh’s kidney stones, but we are not going to let this minor detail ruin our “he ate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, he was rushed to hospital” perfect construct of poetic justice.

Two weeks ago, MK Ahmad Tibi, also a leader of the Joint Arab List, was rushed to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem to undergo emergency kidney stone surgery.

A while back, Ra’am chairman Mansour Abbas also underwent medical tests for his kidney stone issues.


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