Photo Credit: Otzma Yehudit
The Banned Otzma Yehudit Ad (March 2019)

Let’s face it, it looks like someone doesn’t like the Otzma Yehudit party and they are doing their best to kill the party ahead of the upcoming elections (Otzma is running in a technical block with the United Right Party).

One of their party members (a former MK) has been disqualified by the High Court because the court said he is a racist, and now the Election Committee is not allowing Otmza Yehudit to run one of their ads – which is only making the ad more popular on social media.


Of course, the more they get disqualified and censored, it seems the more popular the party gets.

Below is the ad that Israelis aren’t supposed to see. It portrays a soldier who is about to be attacked by a terrorist, but is unable to act because of the over-legalization of the army. The party is fighting the ban as well as the over-legalization of the army.

Can you see any reason why this ad should be banned?

This is an earlier version of the ad.