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The new Friendship Circle Band

“Some say her needs are special,
But I don’t think that’s true.
What she really needs is friendship
and I know that you do too.”

These are the lyrics sung by Scott Risman, 16, who volunteers as a Friend-Maker with Friendship Circle in Cleveland, Ohio.


Scott spends his Sundays creating friendships for children with disabilities and sees the amazing need filled by social connection that is shared by all people. Now he is putting those feelings into song as part of the Friendship Circle (FC) Band.

“Friendship Circle is a place where we all are equal in our humanness,” says Yosef Peysin, lead singer of Rogers Park band and director of the newly formed Friendship Circle Band.

“Now, our friends with and without disabilities can come together in harmony and make music to uplift others with the beautiful warmth created from the friendships cultivated at Friendship Circle.”

Peysin uses his experience as an international touring musician as well as a PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis to help the band members with and without disabilities hone their musical skills to produce an impressive musical performance.

In the past three months, FC Band has become a platform where teens, with and without disabilities, come together to form friendships while creating beautiful music. Formed in May 2022, the band currently has four members across piano, drums, guitar, and vocals and is releasing their debut single “FC Anthem (Gonna Shine).”

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