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Anarchist demonstrators set fire to Ayalon highway, March 30, 2024.

A News13 reporter who on Saturday night posted a list with 16 names of hostages whose families were supposedly demonstrating against the government on Kaplan Street, was forced to delete it after it was proven that only about ten families of hostages – out of 134 – showed up to demonstrate, and those were people who used to show up to demonstrate before the war.

A few thousand demonstrators in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and several other locations on Saturday night made up for their diminished numbers with violence and lawbreaking. As one demonstrator, who said she was from Be’eri, told Haaretz, “We’ll burn down the country until they are returned.”


She was talking about the remaining Israeli hostages in Hamas’s hands, proving for the umpteenth time how well this Nazi terror group knows Israelis, while Israelis, especially those who are paid good money to know Hamas, don’t.

In the absurd negotiations between the losing side, Hamas, and the overwhelmingly winning side, Israel, the Nazis once again teach the Jews how good propaganda is done. From their holes underground, on the verge of annihilation, the Hamas leadership demands, in exchange for all or only some of the hostages, the surrender and withdrawal from Gaza of the IDF. And yet, in their campaign to destroy Netanyahu, which they’ve been waging for more than a decade, Israeli anarchists, led and guided by Ehud Barak, Shikma Bressler, and the rest, are demanding that Israel do just that.

Just as they did back in 2011, when they demanded – and received – the release of 1,027 terrorist prisoners with blood on their hands in exchange for a sole Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, no matter the consequences, so they are doing today, even as those released terrorists, most notably Yahya Sinwar, have masterminded the atrocities of October 7, 2023.

The only saving grace in these suicidal demonstrations is the fact that only a few thousand Israelis show up to demonstrate. The vast majority of Israelis, whether for or against Netanyahu, are refusing to “burn down the country” to release the hostages at any cost.

And so, the anarchist demonstrators are forced to use violence and chicanery to cover up for the low turnout. After the majority of Israel’s “mainstream” media, in print and on the air, urged Israelis to demonstrate and break the law, demonstrators on Saturday night once again took over Ayalon highway in Tel Aviv, and lit a big bonfire on the asphalt. Police arrested 16, nine of whom received summonses for disturbing traffic.

Hey, the guys who set fire to the Reichstag in 1933 didn’t get even that.

And then came the Roi Yanovsky fiasco. This News13 reporter posted a long list showing that the families of 16 hostages were at the demonstration:

Roy Yanovsky’s tweet, March 30, 2024. / Screenshot of the deleted tweet

Political researcher Yossi Baum analyzed Yanovsky’s list and tweeted:

A simple check shows there aren’t even 16 families (out of 134), but only 10:

* No. 1 and No. 2 are a family of the same hostage
* No. 3 and No. 4 – same as the above
* No. 8 – Ravid Katz, was unfortunately killed and his body is in Gaza. He has nothing to do with the public debate over the “release of hostages”
* No. 9 – same as the above (1 – 4)
* No. 11 – The members of the Brodtz family have all been released under the leadership of the Israeli government
* No. 15 – Jodi Weinstein Hagai and Gadi Hagai were unfortunately murdered on October 7 and their bodies are in Gaza. They have nothing to do with the public debate over the “release of hostages”

Yanovsky explained that he deleted his original tweet with the list that was distributed to reporters by the organizers to represent those who were behind the statement, “but unfortunately my tweet could be interpreted differently and could lead to really inappropriate personal snooping. I learned from this, let’s move on, what is important is that everyone should be returned home.”

But as many online noted, Yanovsky took down his post because Yossi Baum proved it was mostly lies, forged by anarchists who are desperate to show their movement is still alive and livid, and when they run against the unforgiving truth, they do what the left has been doing since the French revolution – they lie.

Tal Gilboa, a real family member of the hostage Guy Gilboa-Dalal, posted in response to the fiasco above (Guy’s picture is circled in yellow):

“Again, the height of audacity! We have no connection to the people who block Ayalon, and yet they are holding up a picture of our Guy!

“We do not approve of the use of Guy’s photo while making political use of which we do not agree. My family was in the march in Dizengoff, marching with non-violent messages, connected to the story of the hostages, in solidarity. For sure there were more families there than in Ayalon, but there was no mention of the event in the media, nada.

“Al Jazeera started live coverage of the protests.

“We’re fed up! Fed up! Fed up! It’s hard enough as it is, leave us alone!”


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