Photo Credit: Flash90
Anti-Judicial Reform protesters in Bnei Brak. March 16, 2023

Moshe Gafni, leader of the Degel HaTorah faction in the Haredi UTJ party, rejected the alternative to the government’s judicial reform plan released by the President of Israel Isaac Herzog Wednesday night because, in his opinion, the President’s plan would not allow for the changes the government feels are needed in Israel’s judicial system.

“The President’s proposal means a complete reversal of the necessary changes in the judicial system,” said Gafni. “It is one-sided, biased and unacceptable.”


“The proposal ignores the root problems presented by the president in his first speech and even exacerbates them,” he added. “The heads of the coalition and the members of the national camp parties are united to bring a good outline for a responsible balance between the governing authorities.”

Anti-Reform protesters launched a much larger cosplay protest campaign in the Haredi city of Bnei Brak on Thursday morning, setting up an “IDF draft center” in the city, replete with the expected costumes and other noisy paraphernalia.


But perhaps there’s still hope the anarchists’ community organizers won’t be able to drag Israel into a civil war…   

Some Haredim used it as an opportunity to have their secular brothers put on Tefillin. News Desk contributed to this report.


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